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Best Dog Names: These are the most popular dog names for 2020

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The most popular dog names for 2020

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Choosing the best name for your pooch is a big deal. Many dog owners take inspiration from pop culture. What do 2020’s most popular dog names mean?

By Lorraine Kipling

Published on the 18/08/2020, 10:16

What are the most popular dog names in 2020, and what do they mean?

Finding the perfect name for your new four-legged friend can be tricky business. Ideally, a dog name should say a little something about both the doggo and dog owner. It also needs to pass the cringe test - only you can know if you can keep a straight face calling out for Senior Twinklebum at the dog park. Good for you, if you can manage that!

Sometimes you just need to look into the loving eyes of your pup for them to give you their name, and sometimes you might need a little help. Don’t despair - there’s plenty of inspiration to help you find the perfect name. We have gathered the UK’s most popular male and female dog names, to help you out.

What are the latest popular trends in dog names, and where do they come from? We have gathered info about the most popular names from last year, and predictions for what will be the top dog names in 2020. 

If you are a dog owner looking for ideas for naming a male dog or female dog, read on to find a popular name that suits!

10 Most popular dog names for a female dog 


Not just a character in Twilight, this name means beautiful. A perfect name for an English Cocker Spaniel.


This name comes from the red flower of remembrance. Great for a Border Collie - that’s one clever dog!


This is a cheerful name despite its origin (it’s short for ‘Dolores’, which means ‘sorrows’). It would suit a friendly dog such as a Golden Retriever.


Meaning ‘moon,’ this name suits a stately, yet friendly, dog such as the White Shepherd.


Molly is an Irish nickname for the Virgin Mary, meaning ‘star of the sea.’ It’s a perfect name for an Irish Water Spaniel.


This delicate little flower, the ‘day’s eye’, would work as a name for a sweet and low-maintenance dog like the Boston Terrier.


Ruby reflects love, loyalty, and good luck, which works for a Pug, who resembles a lucky symbol in Chinese mythology.


A brown Labrador Retriever would be a suitable candidate for name that means chocolate, or a Poodle of a similar colour coud pay homage to the great Coco Chanel!


A beautiful flower name for a pretty English Springer Spaniel.


Coming from Millicent, Camila, or Amelia, this name means quiet strength, independence, and determination, and fits a Bernese Mountain Dog’s character to a tee!

10 Most popular dog names for a male dog 


A short form of Alfred or Alfonse, this name has the same origins as ‘elf’, and means ‘wise cousel.’ A fitting name for a chihuahua, we think.


Max, Maximillian, or Maxwell, all ‘great’ names for a Great Dane.


The nickname for Charles, coming from the German ‘karloz’, meaning ‘free man.’ It would work well for a free-spirited West-Highland White Terrier.


From Edward, this means ‘wealthy guardian.’ A giant fluff ball like the Tibetan Mastiff would prove a cuddly protector worthy of such a name.


A beagle would be a prime candidate for such a friendly dog name.


Possibly from German, meaning mild or calm. This name would work for a placid  Greyhound.


Meaning ‘friend of deer,’ this is quite a stately name for an Irish Deerhound.


Coming from ‘Bailiff,’ this name suggests a dog that knows how to do this right thing, like an Australian Shepherd.


Not just a royal baby, this name means ‘brave.’ Great for a German Shepherd.


A snuggly Old English Sheepdog would fit the bill for a dog name that means ‘son of comfort.’

The most popular dog names in 2020


Made popular by Charlie’s Angels, this dog name would work for a male or female Shetland Sheepdog.


A Jack Russell terrier has the cheeky chops to live up to a name worthy of the trickster God of Norse mythology (and Marvel comics).


From Harley Quinn in the DC Comics film Birds of Prey, this is the ideal name for a Harlequin Dane.


A name from Frozen 2 would be perfect for a snow dog like the Great Pyrenees.


The Twilight legacy lives on, and a dog owner on team Edward might find Bella would be a fitting name for a Sarloos Wolfdog.


A Staffordshire Bull Terrier would be a solid option for this name from The Rise of Skywalker. 


A Leonberger has the noble mane to live up to this name from the Lion King.

Lady - Tramp

A lovely name for an American Cocker Spaniel, like the one in Lady and the Tramp.


Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things made this name popular. It would be a sweet name for a Yorkshire Terrier.


Dame Maggie Smith from Downton Abbey would be a stately namesake for a Kelpie.

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