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Spanish dog names: Get inspired for your future dog's name

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Let the Spanish language inspire your canine pal’s new name with these cute and cool Spanish dog names and their meanings for female and male dogs.

Are you looking for a meaningful name for your dog that will sound super cool when you say it?

Whether you have a small or large dog, a Spanish dog breed, Mexican dog, or any other breed, the Spanish language has a name that could work! Spanish is a popular language that is both cool and romantic, which means it has so much potential for cute boy and girl dog names.

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We have collected some top Spanish dog names and their meanings to inspire your search.  One of these Spanish male and female dog names might be just perfect for your pup!

Spanish dog names: 10 great Spanish names


This first name means ‘soul,’ which is just a beautiful name for an elegant dog such as a Spanish Pointer.


Brisa means ‘breeze.’ It would suit an outdoorsy dog like the Ibizan Hound, who enjoys feeling the wind in its hair.


This guy is a real ‘dude.’ It’s a good name for a too-cool-for-school pooch like the Andalusian Hound.


No prizes for guessing that this means ‘lion.’ A long-haired dog like the Catalan Sheepdog would feel at home in this name.


A light, silvery ‘moon’ of a name for a graceful Spanish Greyhound.


This beautiful name means ‘butterfly,’ so of course it’s a perfect match for a Papillon or Phalene.


A huge hairy Spanish Water Dog is basically a canine bear, so why not name him ‘bear’ in Spanish?


Spanish makes even the simple colour ‘red’ sound feisty and sensual - just like the Podenco Canario.


A ‘holy’ name for a dignified dog such as the Spanish Alano.


Sierra translates into ‘mountain range.’ Only an epic dog such as the Spanish Mastiff could pull this one off.

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