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Inspiration from Cartoon names for your dog or puppy

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Find some inspiration with these classic Cartoon dog names

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How many fantastic cartoon dogs can you name? We’ve gathered 25 famous names from animated films and TV series to inspire you.

Are you looking for a cute cartoon character name for your dog, or simply on an animated nostalgia trip?

From the classic hounds of Hanna Barberra and Disney, to the cartoon animal names for dogs in TV series and movies that won the hearts of generations of children and adults alike, there’s no denying that most people know, and love, and can name a famous cartoon dog.

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There’s a cartoon character name for dogs of all breeds and personalities, and we have put together 25 of the best cartoon names for dogs. Enjoy!

Best cartoon names for your dog

Augie Doggie

Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy were Dachshunds who had their own slot on The Quick Draw McGraw Show.


This cartoon about a Siberian Husky sled dog was based on a true story of a Sami explorer.


From the show of the same name, Barney was a loveable Old English Sheepdog.

Brian (Griffin)

The White Labrador of Family guy whose martinis were as dry as his wit.


The 2008 animated movie Bolt was named after its hero, a White Shepherd.


The family ‘dog’ in The Flintstones wasn’t actually a dog, but deserved a mention as a top animated pet nontheless.


Dixi was an elegant Saluki in The Fox and the Hound.


Dougal was the spaced out Skye Terrier from The Magic Roundabout.


Nothing strange about a cartoon Black and Tan Coonhound with a driving licence and his own pet dog. Nothing strange at all.

Huckleberry Hound

The gentle natured Coonhound from Hanna-Barbera’s The Huckleberry Hound Show.


Hunter was the Golden Retriever in the short-lived series Road Rovers.


The Scottish Terrier Jock won heart and minds in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp.


Kipper the Dog was a pre-school animation featuring a beloved Beagle and Terrier friendship.


The ‘adorable’ dog from Despicable Me is apparently a mix of half-dog, half-piranha!


Everyone’s favourite cartoon Cocker Spaniel, from Lady and the Tramp.


In the film of the same name, Marmaduke was the Great Dane making friends in his new neighborhood.


Nana was no ordinary St. Bernard in Peter Pan. She was the nursemaid to the Darling children, of course.


Not the brightest pooch, this Beagle (or possibly Dachshund?) was Garfield’s hapless housemate.


Peg was a luscious Pekingese in Lady and the Tramp.


It’s totally fine for a Bloodhound to be owned by another dog (see Goofy). If it works, it works.


The male protagonist in the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians.


The brains of the duo in Ren and Stimpy was a Chihuahua with an attitude.

Scooby Doo

A Great Dane with the munchies, and a habit for uncovering dastardly deeds.


Scud was the Bull Terrier in the muched loved animated Toy Story movies.

Shoeshine Boy (aka Underdog)

Shoeshine boy was a Beagle who became the hero Underdog in the series of the 60s and 70s.

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