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Scottish dog names for your dog or puppy

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Scottish dog names: Find inspiration here!

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Find inspiration from the highlands with these awesome Scottish girl dog names and Scottish boy dog names. Which one is your favourite?

Everyone has heard of the Loch Ness Monster, but have you heard all of these cool Scottish dog names?

Whether you are looking for a name for male dogs or female dogs of whatever breed, a Scottish name will convey a spirit that will withstand the tests of time. Take a look at these awesome Scottish dog names and their meaning for inspiration!

Scottish male dog names

Just got a new pet and looking for a traditional Scottish or Gaelic name for him? Look no further! Check out these 9 Scottish boy dog names!


Alisdair is the Scottish Gaelic form of the name 'Alexander'. Originally, the name signifies 'defender of men'. Just like the Bearded Collie, who is a master at herding, Alisdair is a ‘leader.’ 


This is a cute name that means ‘birchwood.’ Considering birchwood is so strong, it would suit a durable, tough dog like the lovely Dandie Dinmont Terrier


In Gaelic, this name means 'little ridge' or 'precipice'. It is also suggested that the name comes from the character Miss Jean Brodie, of the book and film. This cute name would work well for a Border Collie


This name, meaning ‘strong wolf,’ would be great for a brave, gentle, and independent dog. Perfect for the Scottish Deerhound


A name meaning 'dark stranger', it would suit a dog with a dark, luscious coat. The Gordon Setter could definitely pull off this beautiful name.


‘Man of vigor’ is an energetic name fit for a bright and vivacious Border Collie. Also meaning 'the angry/wrathful one', it could very well suit a feisty terrier.


This is a great name. Derived from the Latin word 'gregorius', it means ‘alert,’ ‘active,’ and ‘sociable.’ Three characteristics of a Smooth Collie


In Scottish, Laddie means 'young man' or 'boy'. This is the male version of the much better known name 'Lassie'. Who would carry this name better than a gorgeous Rough Collie?


This lovely name was the nickname of the 6th century apostle, Saint Kentigern. It means ‘gentle,’ or 'dear one'. That would be a nice moniker for a placid and content Bloodhound, don't you think?

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Scottish female dog names

Want a traditional name from Scotland for your new female dog? Check out this list of 8 adorable Scottish girl dog names!


This is a traditional name for Scotland, so would suit a dog named for its country, such as a Scottish Terrier. In Latin, 'alba' can also mean 'white', making it a perfect name for a little West Highland White Terrier!


Simply put, the word Bonnie means 'pretty' or ‘beautiful.’ The Shetland Sheepdog would certainly fit the bill!


This is a nickname for the name 'Fergus', which means 'man (or woman) of vigour' or 'angry/wrathful one'. Perfect for a spunky Border Terrier!


This name comes from the Latin 'flos', meaning flower. It is also the name of the Jacobite hero, Flora McDonald. It would suit a loyal and loving dog like the Golden Retriever


'Fiona' means ‘white,’ so it would be a perfect name for any white dog. A West Highland White Terrier, for example!

Grizel (or Grizelda)

This is a unique name that means ‘grey battle.’ It would suit the looks and personality of a charming Skye Terrier


This traditional Scottish dog name was made famous by the loyal and heroic Rough Collie who has been depicted in countless books, TV series, and movies over the years. It means ‘young woman.’ 

Mor (or Morag)

'Mor' is an old Scottish word for ‘great,’ or 'exceptional'. It would certainly fit the character of an amazing Cairn Terrier

Funny Scottish names for dogs

If you're looking for a funner, wittier name for your dog, check out this list of funny Scottish dog names for inspiration!


'Haggis' is a traditional Scottish dish made of sheep's pluck minced with other ingredients. If you've got a gluttonous dog at home (so, any dog at home), - this could be the perfect name for him!


You can't think of Scotland without thinking of bagpipes and kilts. But we think the latter would make a cuter name.

Ness or Nessie

'Nessie' is an adorable nickname for the Lochness Monster! Perfect if you've got a cheeky pup at home!


Since this drink is from Scotland itself, we think it would suit a Scottish breed perfectly, especially if its owner is a Scotch fan!


Popular in and originally from Scotland, 'Whisky' is the perfect name for a Scottish dog whose owner is a fan of the drink!

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