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Scottish dog names: Find inspiration here!

White Scottish dog sat by the water advice

Scottish dog names for your dog or puppy

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Find inspiration from the highlands with these awesome Scottish girl dog names and Scottish boy dog names. Which one is your favourite?

By Lorraine Kipling

Published on the 18/08/2020, 10:23

Everyone has heard of the Loch Ness Monster, but have you heard all of these cool Scottish dog names?

From Glasgow to the Isle of Skye, and beyond, Scotland has a rich history and culture. It has also had good luck in dog breeding over the years, so there are many great Scottish dog breeds that suit a traditional Scottish Gaelic name.

Whether you are looking for a name for male dogs or female dogs of whatever breed, a Scottish name will convey a spirit that will withstand the tests of time.

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Take a look at these 15 awesome Scottish dog names and their meaning for inspiration!

15 awesome Scottish dog names


This is a traditional name for Scotland, so would suit a dog named for its country, such as a Scottish Terrier.


Just like the Bearded Collie, who is a master at herding, Alisdair is a ‘leader.’


This is a cute name that means ‘birchwood.’ It would suit a lovely Dandie Dinmont Terrier.


Simply put, Bonnie means ‘beautiful.’ The Shetland Sheepdog would certainly fit the bill!


This name comes from the character Miss Jean Brodie, and would work well for a Border Collie.


This name, meaning ‘strong wolf,’ would be perfect for a Scottish Deerhound.


A man of mystery, the Gordon Setter could probably pull of a name meaning ‘dark stranger.’

Fergie (also Fergus)

‘Man (or woman) of vigor’ is an energetic name fit for a bright and vivacious Border Collie.


This is the name of the Jacobite hero, Flora McDonald. It would suit a loyal and loving dog like the Golden Retriever.


It means ‘white,’ to go with any white dog. The West Highland White Terrier, for example.


This is a great name. It means ‘alert,’ ‘active,’ and ‘sociable.’ Three characteristics of a Smooth Collie.

Grizel (or Grizelda)

This is a unique name that means ‘grey battle.’ It would suit the looks and personality of a Skye Terrier.

Lassie (or Laddie)

This traditional Scottish dog name was made famous by the heroic Rough Collie . It means ‘young woman (or man).’

Mor (or Morag)

It’s an old Scottish work for ‘great,’ which fits the character of a Cairn Terrier.


This lovely name means ‘gentle,’ which would be a nice moniker for a placid and content Bloodhound.

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