Gordon Setter

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Life expectancy

The Gordon Setter has a life expectancy of between 10 and 12 years




Adult size

Female Between 24 and 25 in
Male Between 25 and 27 in

Adult weight

Female Between 55 and 57 lb
Male Between 64 and 66 lb
Coat colour
Black Red
Type of coat
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Gordon Setter costs between £900 and £930

Good to know

More details about the Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter: Origins and history

Black and Tan setters were discovered in Scotland, way back during the 15th century. This is where they first took their breed name from, the Gordon Castle Setter. His previous ancestors may have been bloodhounds, or colleys, which could account for his unique colouring. Although he isn’t as fast as the English Setter when hunting, nonetheless his skills do include tracking, pointing and retrieving game birds.

FCI classification of the Gordon Setter

  • Group 7 - Pointing Dogs

  • Section 2 : British and Irish Pointers and Setters

Training a Gordon Setter

This breed needs to begin training routines at an early stage in his life. Once this dog has picked up bad habits, it’s more difficult to retrain him. Consistent training is needed, with a caring, calm approach.

Gordon Setter: Purchase price

If you wish to buy a Gordon Setter, expect to pay an average price of £930 for a dog registered at the Kennel Club and £900 for a dog who isn’t registered at the KC.

When it comes to nutrition, opt for the best quality food, either dry or wet feed which will cost between £50 to £60 each month. You then need to factor in insurance and veterinary costs, plus the cost of spaying or neutering your pet. Monthly costs could work out at around £80 to £130 each month, which doesn’t include the initial cost of buying a dog.

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