Large Munsterlander

Other names : Großer Münsterländer, Großer Münsterländer Vorstehhund

Photo: adult dog of Large Munsterlander breed
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Life expectancy

The Large Munsterlander has a life expectancy of between 12 and 14 years




Adult size

Female Between 23 and 25 in
Male Between 24 and 26 in

Adult weight

Female Between 62 and 71 lb
Male Between 62 and 71 lb
Coat colour
Black White
Type of coat
Eye colour

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Good to know

More details about the Large Munsterlander

Large Munsterlander: Origins and history

Dogs resembling the Large Münsterländer can be seen in artwork reaching back to the Middle Ages. However, this particular type was not formally recognized until the early 20th century. In the meantime, the German Long-Haired Pointer thrived in Lower Saxony, and the Large Münsterländer appears to be no more nor less than a desaturated Pointer – for some reason, Pointer-fanciers do not like to count black dogs among their number. She emerged, eventually, from the city of Münster, where either it rains or the church bells ring. It is no wonder she is so content to work in the rain.

FCI classification of the Large Munsterlander

  • Group 7 - Pointing Dogs

  • Section 1 : Continental Pointing Dogs

Training a Large Munsterlander

She is slow to mature and thus training can take a while. She will be physically fully grown before her education is complete. Training should start early, and be warm and consistent to allow this sensitive and intelligent dog to achieve her full potential.

Large Munsterlander: Purchase price

We do not have enough data to give an average price. However, you can expect to pay upwards of £500 for a well-bred puppy.
Looking after a dog of this size typically costs between £80 to £120 a month, including food, medical/insurance, and incidental expenses.

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