French Pointing Dog

Other names : Braque Français, Braque Français Gascogne, Braque Français Pyrenees, Braque Français de Grande Taille, Braque Français de Petite Taille, French Pointer, French Pointer Gascogne, French Pointer Pyrenees, Large French Pointer, Small French Pointer

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Life expectancy

The French Pointing Dog has a life expectancy of between 12 and 14 years




Adult size

Female Between 22 and 27 in
Male Between 23 and 27 in

Adult weight

Female Between 37 and 55 lb
Male Between 37 and 55 lb
Coat colour
White Brown Red
Type of coat
Very short
Eye colour

Purchase price

The French Pointing Dog costs between £700 and £900

Good to know

More details about the French Pointing Dog

French Pointing Dog: Origins and history

Dating back to the 15th century, the Braque Francais breed of hunting dogs first appeared in the South of France. 

FCI classification of the French Pointing Dog

  • Group 7 - Pointing Dogs

  • Section 1 : Continental Pointing Dogs

French Pointing Dog: Varieties

  • Braque Français (Pyrenees)
  • Braque Français (Gascogne)

Training a French Pointing Dog

As a breed that loves to please their master, this Braque Francais dog responds well to training. However, he can be quite sensitive when corrected, so consistent and gentle training methods are needed. 

French Pointing Dog: Purchase price

You will expect to pay between £700 to £900 to purchase a Braque Francais dog. In addition, feeding costs, veterinary fees, and pet insurance will cost between £70 to £100 per month.

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