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French Pointing Dog

Other names: Braque Français, Braque Français Gascogne, Braque Français Pyrenees, Braque Français de Grande Taille, Braque Français de Petite Taille, French Pointer, French Pointer Gascogne, French Pointer Pyrenees, Large French Pointer, Small French Pointer


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French Pointing Dog

The Braque Francais dog breed consists of 2 different pointer dog types. The Braque Gascogne and the Braque Pyrénées.  During the late 1800s, these two variants of the French Braque hunting dogs were discovered. The Braque Gascogne dog is the larger of the two dogs. During recent years, the Braque Francais dogs have become the most popular of the French pointing dogs. 

Key facts about the French Pointing Dog

Life expectancy :





Temperament :

Affectionate Playful Calm Intelligent Hunter

Size :

Origins and history

Dating back to the 15th century, the Braque Francais breed of hunting dogs first appeared in the South of France. 

FCI breed nomenclature

FCI Group

Group 7 - Pointing Dogs


Section 1 : Continental Pointing Dogs

Physical characteristics of the French Pointing Dog

Adult size

Female : Between 22 and 27 in

Male : Between 23 and 27 in


Female : Between 37 and 55 lb

Male : Between 37 and 55 lb

Coat colour

Type of coat

Eye colour



As mentioned, there are 2 different types of Braque Francais. One originates from the Southwest of France and the other from the central Pyrenean areas. These dogs are the natural choice for any game and bird hunters, knowing instinctively what needs to be done in the field, without being instructed constantly. 

The Braque Gascogne is the larger of the 2 dogs, with a squarer muzzle and a thicker coat. The Pyrenean dog has a finer coat, a broader head and a more mottled-brown coat colour.

Good to know

Although the French Pointer is a relatively uncommon and unknown breed, some hunters, especially located in North America, would not hunt with any other breed of dog. Loyal owners are attached to these sporting dogs not only for their sporting abilities, but also due to their intelligence and docile personalities. The very first Braque Francais dog that was taken and introduced to North American hunters was Maffia de l’etang du Marcenac.


Braque Français (Pyrenees)

Braque Français (Gascogne)


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    These dogs are extremely loving and affectionate with their owners and enjoy spending time with humans.

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    The French Pointer is an obedient dog and likewise, very sociable, submissive and gentle. A great choice of dog to have around children.

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    The smart Braque Francais is known as a soft breed and is very gentle and calm. 

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    Certainly a very intelligent breed that responds well to training routines.

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    As natural bird hunters, it’s commonly said that the Braque Francais is born half-trained. While the Pyrenees Braque is a fast moving dog when hunting, the Gascogne is a slower moving dog. 

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    Fearful / wary of strangers

    Although the Braque Francais isn’t a natural guard dog, he is more likely to make friends with any strangers he meets.

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    These Braque dogs just love to perform their tasks often without much training needed. 

    Behaviour of the French Pointing Dog

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      Tolerates solitude

      While they make loving and affectionate companions, if left alone for too long the Braque Francais can suffer from separation anxiety

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      Easy to train / obedience

      As a breed that loves to please their master, this Braque Francais dog responds well to training. However, he can be quite sensitive when corrected, so consistent and gentle training methods are needed. 

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      These dogs are not known to be excessive barkers, even when confronted with an unknown person.

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