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Wamiz, Europe's number 1 pet website


Our mission

What we do: Accompany pet owners and animal lovers. With our adoption profiles, breed sheets, name lists, our advice about behaviour, training, health, nutrition, and much more, Wamiz is here to guide you throughout the life journey of your furry friend.

How do we do this: Through expert advice, tools (guides, breed sheets, tests), news (events, new laws, animal causes, incredible stories…)

Why do we do it so well: 10 years of experience, a team of thirty passionate employees, a solid network of experts in the industry and partnerships with key players in the sector. 

Wamiz in a few figures

• 6 countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Poland
• 9 million unique visitors / month
• 30 million page views all websites combined / month
• 30 passionate animal lovers and a few pet owners who make up the Wamiz team 
• 10 years of passion

Our story

Two childhood friends who got together to create Wamiz: Adrien Magdelaine and Adrien Ducousset. Their entrepreneurial personalities led them to work together. A first time in 1999 while launching a start-up and the second time in 2009 when they created Wamiz. Their first name isn’t the only thing they have in common: they are both passionate about entrepreneurship and pets.

Adrien Ducousset
Since his childhood, he has always been surrounded by dogs. Adrien created his first company at the age of 20 with Adrien Magdelaine. Then, he worked for Lagardère Publicity for seven years. He was first part of the TV (broadcast) department and then became Assistant commercial director. He decided to leave Lagardère and team up with his childhood friend, to start the Wamiz adventure.

Adrien Magdelaine
Serial entrepreneur for almost 20 years, Adrien is a huge fan of cats. He started several financial and real estate start-ups before creating Wamiz with his childhood friend.  

Our values


• Animal welfare: we are involved in important events. Wamiz supports many initiatives to promote animal welfare. Wamiz is not just a media, it is also an actor.

• Pets at work: pets have many benefits for humans. And because we believe in this, team members come with their dogs to the office. Wamiz is also part of the Pets at Work Alliance and supports all initiatives that promote the place of animals in our society.


All of the advice you will find on Wamiz has been written or verified by our network of experts: veterinarians, behaviourists, experienced writers, etc… A wealth of information allows users to find ANYTHING on Wamiz, to help them take care of their pets.


At Wamiz, our mission is to offer entertaining content, whether fun or emotional, about pets. We thus create diverse content: animal stories, rescues, unusual anecdotes… to entertain, surprise or move animal lovers and awaken genuine emotions.