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The most famous dog names

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Most famous dog names: Find some inspiration

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Whether real-life legends or fictional heroes, here are some famous dog names that you need to know about.

How well do you know about the legendary dogs that have touched people’s hearts? 

From a Great Dane with the munchies and a German Shepherd from the golden age of Hollywood, to a heroic Husky and an artistic Afghan Hound, some dogs are just so memorable, their names belong in the hall of fame!

Tips to choose the perfect name for your dog

Here’s some famous male and female dog names from art, history, and culture, who have become iconic among their breeds!

25 Famous dog names


Beethoven was a huge St Bernard and an icon of the comedy movie series in the 80s and 90s.


Bill’s Sykes was very attached to his Bull Terrier in Dickens’ Oliver Twist, and the movie adaptations


Another St Bernard - this time the subject of Steven King’s psychological horror novel and film adaptation.


Old English Sheepdogs are pretty big, but a chance event in the children’s comedy film made Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World!


Hagrid’s beloved Boarhound (Great Dane) companion in the Harry Potter series, who accompanied him on many adventures.


Abraham Lincoln’s loyal mongrel Fido used to wait outside the barber’s for his master, and carry his parcels home for him.


This animated Beagle went on a mission to the moon in Wallace and Gromit.


This legendary Akita waited for over nine years at Shibuya station in Tokyo following his owner’s death. 


A crime-fighting Dogue de Bordeaux was Tom Hanks’ co-star in the 1989 film Turner & Hooch.


Lady the Cocker Spaniel was the female romantic lead of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp


Laika the legend was the first animal to orbit Earth. The Soviet space dog was probably a mix of Husky, Samoyed, and Terrier.


Lassie was a Collie who won the hearts of children and adults alike in the book and film Lassie Come Home, and subsequent TV series.


Nipper was the Jack Russell Terrier made famous by modelling with a gramophone for HMV back in 1895.

Old Yeller

Fred Gipson chose a Blackmouth Cur to pull our heartstrings in his novel, which was made into a Disney film in 1957.


Prissy was an elegant Afghan Hound in Disney’s 1961 film One Hundred and One Dalmations.

Rin Tin Tin

After being rescued from a World War I battlefield, Rin Tin Tin became the most famous German Shepherd star of early Hollwood movies.

Santa’s Little Helper

This wide-eyed Greyhound is the famous pet of The Simpsons.


Scoobie-Doo is the animated Great Dane famous for foiling dastardly criminals with the help of his funky gang.

Sirius Black (aka Padfoot, aka Snuffles)

One of the heroes of the Harry Potter books and films, Sirius shares his name with the brightest star in the night sky.


Possibly the most famous animated Beagle of them all!


Spike is a popular dog name. There were Spikes in Snoopy and Rugrats, and the Bulldog in Tom and Jerry was, of course, a Spike!


Where’s Spot? In the hearts and memories of anyone who read the peek-a-boo book as a child - that’s where!


Togo the heroic Husky famously helped save the town of Nome, Alaska from a diphtheria epidemic.


Toto the Cairn Terrier was joined Dorothy on her famous adventure to find The Wizard of Oz!


This Belgian Tervuren found fame in the popular UK soap opera Eastenders.

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