Great Dane

Other names : Danish, Deutsche Dogge, German Mastiff

Photo: adult dog of Great Dane breed
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Life expectancy

The Great Dane has a life expectancy of between 8 and 10 years




Adult size

Female Between 28 and 33 in
Male Between 31 and 35 in

Adult weight

Female Between 99 and 154 lb
Male Between 110 and 154 lb
Coat colour
Black White Blue Red
Type of coat
Very short
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Great Dane costs between £830 and £1000

Good to know

More details about the Great Dane

Great Dane: Origins and history

The Great Dane is of German origin. Its ancestors were the ancient "Bullenbeisser" (Bull catchers), who came from the Saupacker (sow-catcher) breed in the middle-ages. They were all big game dogs hunting for deer, wild boar and bear. Their build was midway between the powerful English-type Great Dane and the Greyhound. However, until the First World War, this breed was called "Great Dane" because it was widespread in Denmark. In 1920, the name "German Mastiff" was adopted to remind that among the Great Dane’s ancestors were the massive fighting dogs of the Alains, an ancient nomadic people of Iranian descent, who came to Germany.

Training a Great Dane

The Great Dane is a docile and obedient dog if the education he receives is both firm, gentle, and coherent. He will absolutely not accept physical or even psychological violence.

This dog will never be stubborn but can quickly capitulate if he feels any animosity on behalf of his master.

His education will need to be initiated from an early age to guarantee the safety of all once this giant dog has reached his adult size and weight.

Proper walking on a leash should be particularly prioritized and any type of elevation must be banned.

You should use positive reinforcement training, while maintaining a certain degree of firmness and consistency in the various learning processes in order to achieve the desired results.

Great Dane: Purchase price

The price of a Great Dane varies according to his origins, age and gender. An average of £1000 is to be paid for a dog registered with the Kennel Club. 

The monthly budget for a mastiff is estimated at £80/month. It is quite consistent and ultimately proportional to the large size of this dog.

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