Slovakian Chuvach

Other names : Slovak Cuvac, Slovensky Cuvac

Photo: adult dog of Slovakian Chuvach breed
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Life expectancy

The Slovakian Chuvach has a life expectancy of between 11 and 13 years




Adult size

Female Between 23 and 26 in
Male Between 24 and 28 in

Adult weight

Female Between 68 and 82 lb
Male Between 79 and 97 lb
Coat colour
Type of coat
Eye colour
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More details about the Slovakian Chuvach

Slovakian Chuvach: Origins and history

This hardy breed originates from the mountains of Slovakia, where it was used to herd and guard farmers’ livestock, pull heavy carts, and act as a companion to the whole family. The breed itself dates back to the 17th century, and although the Slovensky’s origins aren’t certain, most Slovakians believe that the breed descended from Arctic wolves.

FCI classification of the Slovakian Chuvach

  • Group 1 - Sheepdogs and Cattledogs (except Swiss Cattledogs)

  • Section 1 : Sheepdogs

Training a Slovakian Chuvach

The Slovak Cuvac is a dominant breed and will try to be the leader of the pack, but understands quickly what is expected of it if well-trained. It’s essential that this dog receives thorough training from a young age which is carried out by an experienced, firm, and confident owner. 

Slovakian Chuvach: Purchase price

This is an extremely rare breed. We do not have enough data to set an average price for purchase of these dogs. However, looking after a dog of this size typically costs between £80 to £120 a month, including food, medical/insurance, and incidental expenses.

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