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Welsh dog names to find inspiration from

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Welsh dog names: Find inspiration for your dog or puppy's name

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A Welsh dog name is ideal for Welsh breeds, and any other dog breed! Take a look at these great Welsh dog names and meanings for male and female dogs.

Are you trying to find a beautiful and unique name that will be the envy of other dogs and dog owners?

The Welsh language is rich and musical, and full of cultural heritage. Similarly, Welsh dog breeds are world-famous for being intelligent and vivacious pets. 

Maybe you, or your dog have Welsh heritage? Or maybe you just love the lyrical sound of the language? One way or another, a Welsh dog name could be just what you are looking for!

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We have collected 10 beautiful Welsh boy dog names and 10 cool Welsh girl dog names, and their meanings, to inspire your search.

Welsh male dog names


This name, meaning ‘always,’ ‘great white,’ or ‘blessed,’ would be fitting for a Sealyham Terrier.


The perfect name for a Welsh Hound, meaning ‘like a wolf.’


Not just a character from Game of Thrones. The name means ‘crow’ or ‘raven,’ and is ideal for a Black and Tan Terrier.


Fit for royalty, the Welsh Corgi deserves a name that means ‘lord.’


As Welsh Sheepdog has a sparkling character and intelligence. It is worthy of a name that means ‘to shine.’


This name means ‘gold,’ and makes sense for a beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi.


A Welsh Hillman could make this name, meaning ‘white’ or ‘holy,’ work.


The Welsh word for ‘valley’ is a great name for a very Welsh Terrier.


A compassionate Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog could carry a name that signifies ‘heart and mind.’ 


A prize-winning name for a ‘champion’ dog such as the Welsh Springer Spaniel. This name also means ‘good fortune.’  

Welsh female dog names


Like the male Bledig, this means ‘like a wolf,’ and makes sense for a Welsh Hound.


A gentle name for a Welsh Sheepdog, meaning ‘comforter.’


A Sealyham Terrier could prove herself ‘pure’ in nature to fit this name.


This name means ‘pleasant’ or ‘agreeable,’ which would suit a good-natured dog like the Welsh Hillman.


This means ‘life,’ and would suit an energetic and amiable Welsh Corgi.


A colourful name for a bright and fun-loving dog. A name meaning ‘rainbow’ would suit a Black and Tan Terrier nicely.


Old Welsh Grey Sheepdogs are ‘wonderful’ dogs. Why not just make that their name, then?


A gorgeous name for a stunner of a dog. A Welsh Springer Spaniel could match a name meaning ‘song lover’ and ‘lover of the moon.’


This is the Welsh word for ‘jewel,’ and would befit a precious Welsh Terrier.


The ‘chosen’ dog might be Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She’s worth it!

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