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German dog names: Find some inspiration here

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German dog names for your dog or puppy

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Do you know what these German dog names mean? Take a look at these cool and interesting male and female dog names from Germany.

Are you looking for a good dog name for one of your wonderful dog? Maybe you just love the unique and evocative sound of the German language?

Whether you want a strong and masterful name for a German Shepherd, a Great Dane, or a cute German name for a smaller dog, there are plenty of unique German dog names for you to choose from.

Choosing a dog's name isn't always easy but if you follow these tips you'll be able to find the perfect name for your dog

Here’s a list of interesting and popular German dog names for male or female dogs.

15 German dog names and their meanings


A regal name befitting a Dachshund meaning ‘noble’ and ‘bright.’


This is a sweet name, which means both ‘noble friend’ and ‘friend of elves.’ It would suit a Eurasier.


A stately Giant Schnauzer would match a name that means ‘great’ and ‘magnificent.’


The ‘father of peace’ is a name for a dog with presence, such as the Large Munsterlander.


A powerful name for a female dog, meaning ‘strength’ and ‘exalted one.’ This would suit a Great Dane.


The origin of this name is the simple colour ‘brown,’ so any brown dog, such as a German Bullmastiff, could make it work.


This means ‘free man,’ a moniker a Hovawart might enjoy.


A calm and controlled Doberman would suit a name meaning ‘peaceful ruler.’


This lovely name means ‘pearl,’ and would reflect the silken beauty of a Weimaraner.


Another great name for a Doberman, who can handle feeling ‘wealthy.’

Rolf (also Rudolf and Rudy)

Meaning ‘wolf,’ this is a name for a dog with an ancient spirit, such as the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.


This adorably pet name is more or less translated as ‘sweetie pie.’ This is a good name for a cute little Affenpinscher.


Okay, so the Leonberger is named for its lion-like appearance, but we think it would also suit being called ‘little bear.’


The ‘shepherdess’ or ‘wanderer,’ is a graceful title for a German Shepherd.


This is a really cool name. It means ‘gray fighting maid,’ and would be a special name for a lovely Keeshond.

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