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Italian dog names to find inspiration from

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Beautiful Italian dog names for your dog or puppy

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We have gathered some beautiful and popular male and female Italian dog names and their meanings to inspire you.

Are you looking for a cool Italian dog name for your new four-legged boy or girl dog?

Whether you are thinking of a name for an Italian dog breed, or want to find an Italian word with a meaning that says something special about your dog, there are plenty of good Italian dog names to choose from!

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Here are 10 beautiful Italian girl dog names and 10 good Italian boy dog names, and their meanings, to help you find the perfect name for your pooch!

10 Italian names for a male dog:


Meaning ‘brilliant’ and ‘raven’, not to mention reminding us of the great Marlon Brando, this name would suit a great Cane da Presa.


A name meaning ‘long hair’ would be perfect for a Bergamasco Shepherd.


A sweet name for an Italian Greyhound, which means ‘worthy to be loved.’


A dog that ‘rules the house’, such as the masterful Volpino.


Just because a dog is ‘serious,’ doesn’t mean they aren’t also a delight. This name would suit a Cirneco dell’Etna.


An Abruzzese Mastiff could live up to such an ‘heroic’ name.


This means ‘small.’ Possibly an amusing name for a Neapolitan Mastiff.


A Bolognese Dog might not be physically big, but has a ‘giant’ personality.


This name means ‘intelligent,’ and could fit a Mastiff Segugio Italiano nicely.


The victor - Cane Corso

10 Italian names for a female dog:


A name for a ‘kind’ and gentle Spinone Italiano.


A pretty, but simple, name for a Volpino - meaning ‘white.’


Meaning ‘lady,’ this name would suit a stately Bracco.


A beautiful name that means ‘jewel,’ for a resplendent Lagotto Romagnolo.


A cute name meaning ‘small,’ for a petit Bolognese dog.


A name for a reliable ‘rock’ of a dog, such as the Cane Corso.


‘Red hair’ is a perfect name for a Cirneco dell’Etna.


A ‘serene’ and peaceful name for a demure Italian Greyhound.


A ‘wise’ name for an intelligent dog such as the Italian Shepherd.


The Neapolitan Mastiff would suit a strong name that means ‘brave.’

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