Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Water Dog)

Other names : Water Dog of Romagna, Lagotto

Photo: adult dog of Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Water Dog) breed
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Life expectancy

The Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Water Dog) has a life expectancy of between 12 and 14 years




Adult size

Female Between 16 and 18 in
Male Between 17 and 19 in

Adult weight

Female Between 24 and 31 lb
Male Between 29 and 35 lb
Coat colour
Brown White
Type of coat
Long Wavy
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Water Dog) costs between £1030 and £1560

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More details about the Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Water Dog)

Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Water Dog): Origins and history

For as long as we can remember, this breed has existed in the old Italian province of Romagna. However, it almost completely died out when a group of enthusiasts began to selectively breed just the dogs that were similar to the original type. In a few years, after much work and a number of sacrifices, they managed to perfectly rebuild this breed. The Lagotto Romagnolo was only officially recognised as recently as 1992.

FCI classification of the Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Water Dog)

  • Group 8 - Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs

  • Section 3 : Water Dogs

Training a Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Water Dog)

One of the greatest qualities of this dog: they are particularly docile and like to work for their owner. They are eager to learn, training sessions aren’t a bother or struggle for the Lagotto Romagnolo. 

However, you must not neglect their training under the assumption that they are already a good dog. Basic training should be started as soon as the Lagotto puppy arrives home.

Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Water Dog): Purchase price

The price of a Lagotto Romognolo varies according to their origins, age and sex. On average, a Lagotto Romognolo registered with the KC is about £1560. 

The average budget needed to meet the needs of a dog of this size is about £25 / month.

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