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5 dog breeds that get along with cats

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You’ve got cats but realised that there’s a dog-shaped hole in your life? Then you’ll be in the market for a dog breed that gets along with cats. Good news: there’s plenty of them!

We’re all familiar with the famous dogs v. cats stand-off. The creatures just aren’t supposed to get on. But dogs are basically loving, sociable animals, so pick the right breed and hopefully your cat can learn to love, too.

A dog (or 5) for every cat

If you don’t want to be constantly administering TCP to your pets, listening to their moans, or watching them taunt each other cartoon-style, check out our list of the best cat-friendly dog breeds. Maybe you’ll even choose more than one!

Cat-friendly dog breed #5: the Labrador

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The dog that loves to love is perfect for cats. Sometimes, the problem that arises between the species happens because a cat runs off – signalling to nearby dogs that he is ‘prey.’ But the Labrador is not much of a predator, and may just watch that pesky cat with amusement or even affection. It is best to introduce your Lab to your cat as at young a stage as possible. That way she will grow up understanding that your cat is just part of the pack.

Cat-friendly dog breed #4: the Papillon

Papillon dog ©Unsplash

When is a dog not a dog? When she’s a butterfly. Or a toy. The Papillon breed is named after the French word for butterfly, thanks to her wing-like ears. And she is a toy breed, which are generally affectionate and sociable – making them ideal for the trials of life with a cat. A Papillon loves to be part of whatever’s going on, and they love to play. So, as long as your cat can tolerate your Papillon’s sociability, they could be a great match.

Cat-friendly dog breed #3: the Collie

Border Collie ©Unsplash

The sensible old collie is famously a herding dog. Sheep respect her. Young children agree to be guided by her. Calm, intelligent, and sympathetic, she should regard your cat as just another responsibility. She’ll take no nonsense, though, so if your cat is a little villain then you should prepare for a tough teething process.

Cat-friendly dog breed #2: the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles puppy ©Unsplash

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a gun dog, and not necessarily a very active one. This means that unless you plan to hunt your cat then she will leave him alone. You get the best of both worlds with this breed, since she should be calm around the home, but up for a romp in the park, too. Despite her small size, your spaniel won’t be fazed by your cat. They could make quite a team.

Cat-friendly dog breed #1: the Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise ©Unsplash

Another toy dog, but this one’s got history. Reputedly a favoured breed of Cleopatra in the cat-loving days of Ancient Egypt, the Bichon has since weathered wars and revolutions the world over. So she can surely survive your cat. Her loving, sociable nature will help. Plus, her face is a cloud of fur that even the sharpest cat claw would struggle to penetrate. While some breed types (such as toys) are more suited to cat life than others (such as terriers), suitability often comes down to the individual nature of the dog and cat in question. But start them together young, and take care, and hopefully it could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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