Bichon Frise

Other names : Bichon, Bichon à poil frisé, Tenerife dog

Photo: adult dog of Bichon Frise breed
Photo: puppy of Bichon Frise breed
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Life expectancy

The Bichon Frise has a life expectancy of between 12 and 14 years




Adult size

Female Between 9 and 12 in
Male Between 9 and 12 in

Adult weight

Female Between 9 and 15 lb
Male Between 11 and 15 lb
Coat colour
Type of coat
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Bichon Frise costs between £510 and £610

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Bichon Frise: Origins and history

Dating as far back as the 13th century, the Bichon Frise is a descendant of the Poodle and the Barbet Water Spaniel. Previously traded worldwide by Spanish sailors and eventually becoming a favourite in French Royal courts during the 16th century. The dog fell out of favour and ended up on the streets working as a circus performer and an organ grinder’s pet. In more current days, the Bichon Frise is known as a show and companion dog.

FCI classification of the Bichon Frise

  • Group 9 - Companion and Toy Dogs

  • Section 1 : Bichons and related breeds

Training a Bichon Frise

This intelligent pup is also quick witted and his main aim is to please his master. Providing you show him who rules the roost, he is easy to train as long as you use consistent methods. Check that the dog doesn’t develop “small dog syndrome” when he will take on the alpha dog role. This can of course, lead to unwanted behaviour problems. Toilet training may take a deal of patience and understanding as he can be more difficult to housetrain than other small breeds.

Bichon Frise: Purchase price

Expect to pay an average buying price of between £510 for a non KC registered pup to £610 for a KC registered dog.

As a small breed, feeding costs are never extortionate, however his grooming requirements can soon add up to be expensive. In addition, veterinary check-ups, vaccinations and the cost of neutering can amount to between £40 and £50 monthly.

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