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Top 5 grooming tips you would have never imagined

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Grooming is an important aspect in any dog’s life. Learn about the top 5 grooming tips that every dog owner should know to keep his dog healthy.

Importance of grooming

Grooming is quite vital for dogs for many different reasons. Firstly, it prevents the entanglement of the dog’s coat, along with the accumulation of dead hair, dandruff and dirt. Secondly, frequent brushing stimulates natural oil production in the skin and fur, which in turns makes your dog’s hair look shiny and healthy. Thirdly, it is a whole body check which helps you to detect bumps, lumps, scars or any injuries. Fourthly, it is ideal to detect the presence of fleas or ticks. Lastly, it is the perfect opportunity to inspect the conditions of teeth, ears and claws.

Start training your puppy

As a pet owner, you should start grooming your dog as early in its life as possible. If you have a puppy, it will get used to this process and it will learn to enjoy it. That’s why it’s important to set a regular routine whether if you do it or you hire a professional dog groomer. Bear in mind that the frequency will depend on the breed of dog: for short haired, smooth-coated dogs, it is least once a week; rough-coated dogs need more grooming and clipping to properly manage the fur (consider clipping every four to ten weeks); big dogs with long hair will need stripping (more intense) to remove all the dirt.

Top 5 grooming tips

Here you have a list of top 5 grooming tips:

Tip #1: Baby Powder

Use it to comb easily through tangles. Just sprinkle a little on your dog’s coat and comb. Another perk is that your dog will smell very nice.

Tip #2: Trim the paws

Trim the hair around and inside your dog’s pads to make them easier to wipe clean and to prevent burrs or thistles. Also, this improves your dog’s traction on slippery floors.

Tip #3: Use the right shampoo and conditioner

Make sure that you use a formula for dogs and not humans. Human shampoo can be toxic for dogs if they ingest it. Furthermore, check with your vet beforehand to know if your dog has any allergies or skin conditions which require a special shampoo.

Tip #4: Rinse profoundly 

It is crucial that you rinse as many times as needed to remove every bit of shampoo and condition out of your dog’s coat. If you leave any chemicals on your dog, it can cause irritability, dry skin, itchiness and other skin disorders.

Tip #5: Trimming nails 

Unfortunately, most dog owners let their dog’s nails to grow too much before trimming. As a rule, you should not let the nails touch the ground before trimming. This process should be done every three to four weeks.

Grooming is an all year-round routine. Whether if it is winter or summer, not grooming your dog will most certainly cause more harm than good. Make this a regular routine to keep your pet looking healthy with these top 5 grooming tips.

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