Italian Segugio

Other names : Segugio Italiano, SEGIT, Italian Hound

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Life expectancy

The Italian Segugio has a life expectancy of between 12 and 14 years




Adult size

Female Between 20 and 23 in
Male Between 20 and 24 in

Adult weight

Female Between 40 and 57 lb
Male Between 44 and 62 lb
Coat colour
Black Red
Type of coat
Very short Long Hard
Eye colour
Good to know

More details about the Italian Segugio

Italian Segugio: Origins and history

The Segugio Italiano, or SEGIT as it is also known, is an ancient breed dating back thousands of years. It was initially bred by farmers, who needed a dog to hunt hare and rabbits and in some cases, even wild boar. The breed is more common in Italy, but not well known elsewhere. 

Remains of other dogs, very similar to this breed, were found in the province of Verona. Also, a painting from around 1600, in the Borso d’Este castle, displays a dog very similar to the Segugio Italiano. Although no one really knows of their exact ancestry, these artefacts go some way to prove his heritage in Italy. In more recent years, the Segugio has become one of the most popular Italian hunting dogs.

FCI classification of the Italian Segugio

  • Group 6 - Scent hounds and related breeds

  • Section 1 : Scent hounds

Italian Segugio: Varieties

  • Italian Short-haired Segugio
  • Italian Rough-haired Segugio

Training a Italian Segugio

Although these canines are eager to please and train quite easily, a firm but consistent hand is required. He can also be quite stubborn if repetitive routines are used when training. As a noisy dog, his “singing” can annoy the neighbours, so the Segugio Italiano must be taught the command to remain quiet from a very young age. 

Italian Segugio: Purchase price

As this dog breed appears to be quite rare outside of its native Italy, it can cost anywhere from £300 upwards. In addition, a monthly budget of around £100 to £120 is needed to meet his dietary needs, vet bills, and pet insurance costs. 

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