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Find some inspiration for your dog's name with these Tibetan dog names

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10 cool Tibetan dog names for your new dog or puppy

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Get inspiration from the high Himalayas with these Tibetan dog names. These are great names for a Shih Tzu, a Lhasa Apso, and more!

Are you looking for a name for a Tibetan or Chinese dog breed, or do you want to find a name that gives your dog taste of Tibetan culture?

The Tibetan language has a wealth of beautiful and powerful names for male dogs and female dogs alike. It makes sense to choose Tibetan dog names for Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso dogs, and for other Tibetan and Chinese dog breeds. Many of these names could work for any other breed, too!

Here is how to choose your dog's name to make sure you dog will like his name

Take a look at the following Tibetan dog names and meanings, to see if one of these great names calls to you.

10 cool Tibetan dog names


This is the cutest name of the selection. Meaning ‘peanut,’ this is a cute name for a dog like a Shih-Poo.


This resplendent name means ‘moon goddess,’ which would give suitable grandeur to a Tibetan Terrier.


The Tibetan word for ‘The Moon’ would be a fitting title for a beloved Lhasa Apso.


It sounds cute, and it means ‘healthy and wealthy,’ so it works really well for a spunky Tibetan Spaniel.


For a white dog like the Xiasi, a name with the magic power of a thunderbolt would be ace.


A sweet name meaning ‘gentle,’ would reflect the cuddly character of a Shar Pei.


A Chinese Crested Dog deserves a special name like this. It means ‘shooting star.’


Norbu means ‘jewel,’ so a precious pooch such as a Shih Tzu could rock this name.


A Tibetan Mastiff has nothing to prove, meaning it would be a dignified holder of a name meaning ‘peaceful.’


A floofball Chow Chow has a wealth of hair, so the Tibetan word for ‘prosperous’ works nicely here.

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