Lhasa Apso

Photo: adult dog of Lhasa Apso breed
Photo: puppy of Lhasa Apso breed
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Life expectancy

The Lhasa Apso has a life expectancy of between 14 and 18 years




Adult size

Female Between 7 and 11 in
Male Between 8 and 12 in

Adult weight

Female Between 9 and 13 lb
Male Between 11 and 15 lb
Coat colour
Black White Brown Blue Sand
Type of coat
Long Hard
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Lhasa Apso costs between £480 and £600

Good to know

More details about the Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso: Origins and history

The breed has evolved within buddhist monasteries and villages located around the sacred town of Lhasa. The Lhasa is very old and only spread to Europe quite recently (the 20’s in the case of England), but has enjoyed instant popularity. It is the result of a cross between the Tibetan Terrier and the Tibetan Spaniel. The Chinese considered it to be a ‘lucky charm’ dog and he was even nicknamed the ‘talisman dog’ when he first arrived in Europe. The first Lhasa Apso Club in England was established in 1933. The breed was then associated to the Terrier category, but the American Kennel Club removed it from the working dog group and cemented its classification as a companion dog in 1955.

FCI classification of the Lhasa Apso

  • Group 9 - Companion and Toy Dogs

  • Section 5 : Tibetan breeds

Training a Lhasa Apso

Sensitive, intelligent yet at times somewhat of a scatterbrain, this little Tibetan dog needs structure. Some rules of life must be implemented as soon as the Lhasa Apso integrates the home, to prevent him from developing any bad habits

One does tend to be somewhat lenient towards little dogs on account of their size. But these dogs need just as much firm and coherent discipline as their bigger peers! 

All aspects of training must be initiated quite early on with this dog, and if the sessions are short but regular, the basics of discipline will quickly be absorbed. Consistency and coherence are key in obtaining optimal results from this dog.

Lhasa Apso: Purchase price

The price of a Lhasa Apso varies depending on its origins, age, and sex. You have to count an average of £600 for dogs registered at the Kennel Club. 

With regards to the monthly budget required to meet this dog’s needs- including quality nutrition and basic care (deworming, vaccines, grooming, etc.)- you have to estimate an average of £30 per month.

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