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Latin dog names for your puppy or dog

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Latin dog names: Find some ideas for your dog's name

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Your dog will stand out with a traditional Latin name. Do you know what these Latin names mean? Read on for examples and ideas for dog names in Latin.

Whether you are a classical scholar, or simply looking to give your dog a unique name with a traditional flair, Latin is rich with possibilities.

Latin words are in the roots of so many languages, including English, of course. This means that even if you don’t know your amo, amas, and amat, from your amamus, you will probably get a gist of the meaning of some latin female and male dog names.

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We have gathered 15 examples of great Latin dog names and their meanings.

15 Latin dog names


This is a lovely name for a ‘fair haired’ dog such as a Golden Retriever.

Beatrice (also Bea)

The ‘bringer of blessings’ is a fitting name for a Shi Tzu, which is considered to be a lucky dog.


Meaning ‘knowledgeable and wise,’ this name would work for a Bloodhound.


A lighthearted name meaning ‘fortunate and happy,’ which would be appropriate for a Bichon Frise.


A good name for a loyal Akita, since the name means ‘faithful.’


This name means ‘bright and famous,’ and would be great for an intelligent dog such as a Border Collie.


For a blonde Labradoodle (or any other blonde dog), this name means ‘with flaxen hair.’


This name is for an ‘endearing’ Old English Sheepdog.


A Bernese Mountain Dog could live up to a name that means ‘great one.’


A feisty Border Terrier could be called ‘little fighter.’


With the ‘courage of a bear,’ this name would be great for a Newfoundland.


Literally, ‘rock.’ This is a name for a reliable dog such as a Doberman.


A regal name for a ‘king’ of a dog, like a Great Dane.


A ‘red haired’ dog like a Dachshund would suit this name.


This is a beautiful name, meaning ‘of the forest.’ It would suit a dog that likes to run in the wild with the spirit of a worl, like the Siberian Husky.

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