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Japanese dog names for your dog or puppy

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Get inspired by these Japanese dog names

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Whatever your dog’s breed, this list of cute and cool Japanese dog names and meanings will help you find a great name for your four legged friend.

Do you have a shiba inu or other Japanese dog breed, or are you simply a fan of dogs and Japanese culture?

Whether you are looking for a kawaii (cute) Japanese girl name for dogs, or interested in finding out about Japanese male dog names and meanings, the land of anime, samurai, and sushi has plenty on offer.

Are you wondering how to choose a dog's name? Read on to find out

Read below for examples of great Japanese dog names and meanings that work for male and female dogs - and sometimes both!

10 Japanese dog names for a male dog 


The Japanese word for ‘Spring,’ which is an ideal name for a bright and hopeful Shiba Inu.


A Kai Ken would suit an energetic name that means ‘sun flying.’


This name means ‘generous,’ and would suit a friendly Sanshu Inu.


A dependable name meaning ‘just’ or ‘true’ would work for a Tosa.


‘Honest timber tree’ is a fitting name for a dog that loves the forest, such as the Ryukyu Inu.


A sweet name meaning ‘lotus’ and ‘love’ would be nice for a Japanese Terrier.


A Kishu Ken would live up to a beautiful name meaning ‘sky.’


This name means ‘great radiance’ or ‘shine’ - perfect for a Hokkaido Inu!


A big dog such as the Japanese Mastiff would fit a name meaning ‘large son.’


A Shikoku Inu is a dog you can ‘trust’ with this name.

10 Japanese dog names for a female dog


A lovely name meaning ‘bright’ or ‘dear’ would be fitting for a Kai Ken.


An Akita Inu would be a ‘beautiful friend’ to any dog lover.


A special name for a bright Japanese Spitz, meaning ‘star child.’


A magical name meaning ‘firefly’ that would suit a sprightly Sanshu Inu.


This means ‘noble’ and would suit a dog with the stature of a Japanese Mastiff.


A Shikoku Inu would have the presence to hold a name meaning ‘beautiful harmony’ or ‘peace.’


A beautiful name meaning ‘pearl’ for a beautiful Japanese Chin.


A Hokkaido Inu could be your ‘beautiful friend.’


This name means ‘gentle flower,’ and would be a nice moniker for a Shiba Inu.


A Kishu Ken would be a natural candidate for a name that means both ‘happiness’ and ‘snow.’

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