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The Jindo is a native Korean breed known for their loyalty and bold temperament. They were named a national treasure in 1938.

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Korean dog names: Inspiration for your new canine companion

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Are you looking for a unique name for your furry friend? With lots of beautiful names to choose from, a Korean name may be the perfect choice for your dog.

With its interesting history and fascinating culture, the Korean language offers hundreds of original and memorable names for dogs and cats.

As most pet names in South Korea are kept short, they make a wonderful choice for pets around the world. 

Korean female dog names

There are many great options when it comes to names for female dogs. You can even combine two Korean words to add extra meaning.


This pretty name means "welcome rain". 


Eun means "silver" in Korean, making this an ideal name for dogs with white or grey fur. 


Does your pup love water? Hae, or "ocean" might be the perfect choice.


"Beautiful, pretty", to reflect the looks of your four-legged friend. 


A beautiful name for a clever canine, Hye means "intelligent" in Korean. 


If you're looking for a unique name, why not consider Yuo, meaning "lotus flower". 

Korean male dog names

There are just as many special names for male dogs. Here we take a look at some of our favourites. 


If your pup loves nothing more than spending time in nature, Namu, meaning "tree", may be the one.


Short and sweet for a happy-go-lucky character. Hee means "brightness" in Korean. 


If you share your life with an old soul, Ji-ho meaning "brave, wisdom", might suit them perfectly.


"Moon", makes a wonderful choice for a pale coated dog. 


"World", for the intrepid canine companion.

Gender neutral Korean dog names

There are many names in Korean that are considered unisex, making them an ideal option for both male and female dogs.


Jin means "Jewel" in Korean, making this a lovely name for your precious friend.  


"Forever", to reflect the beautiful bond between you and your dog. 


Yon makes a lovely alternative to more traditional floral names. It means "blossom". 


"Small", for a small but mighty furry friend. 


Is your dog a bundle of joy? Hwan means "happiness" in Korean. 


If your dog has a gentle, social temperament, Inho makes a lovely name, meaning "kindness".


If spring is your favourite season, you may want a name that reflects new life. Sakula means "cherry blossom".

Cute Korean dog names

There are some very cute names in Korean, perfect for adorable pups


Gom means "bear", making this an ideal choice for fluffy dogs full of character. 


"Baby", in Korean, for your sweet friend.  


If you have a tiny dog, Jakada might be the perfect choice, meaning "little". 


There's nothing cuter than the name mouse for a dog. Why not try Jwi, meaning "mouse" in Korean. 


Do you have a cheeky, active pup? Perhaps "monkey" would suit them down to the ground! 

Original Korean dog names

If you're looking for a unique name that captures your dog's personality, you might want to try one of the following options: 


For dogs with a strong, majestic character, Dae is perfect. It means "greatness". 


For the protective pup, Saja means "lion" in Korean. 


"Joyful", for a loving, happy dog.  


If you share your life with a doggy dreamer, Kokum, meaning "dream", would be a great fit.  


For a dog that shines like the sun, Hae, or "sun", is a lovely choice. 

Dog names based on Korean landmarks

If you love Korean culture, you might want a name that pays tribute to popular landmarks


Asan is a city outside Seoul, famous for its hot springs.


Busan is South Korea's second largest city, famous for stunning coastal scenery. 


Jeju is one of South Korea's islands. There is also a dog breed named after the island. It was an incredibly rare breed that almost went extinct in the 1980s. Thanks to conservation efforts, there are still some Jeju dogs left in South Korea to this day.


Udo is perhaps one of the most famous tourist destinations in South Korea. It means "cow island" in English.

Korean dog names with meaning

These Korean names have special meaning for your pet: 


Meaning "friend", Chingu reflects the special relationship between you and your dog. 


Dan may sound like an English name, but in reality it has a deeper meaning. Dan is "sweet" in the Korean language. 


For a dog with a lovely white, fluffy coat, Nun could be a great choice. It means "snow". 


Guleum is "cloud" in Korean, perfect for an easy-going companion. 

Affectionate Korean dog names

These names have particularly affectionate meanings: 


Aesuk means "love", to pay tribute to the rapport between you and your dog. 


For the brightest of four-legged friends, Gyuri is a wonderful choice. It means "star" in Korean. 


"Kind", for a sweet-natured pup. 


Yujin means "precious", a lovely name for for your most devoted companion. 

Choosing your dog's name is always an exciting time, but it can also feel like a big responsibility. Hopefully our list of Korean dog names will offer a little extra inspiration, helping you the perfect option for your furry friend. 

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