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Irish dog names: Find some inspiration

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Irish dog name ideas for your dog or puppy

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These popular Irish dog names for male and female dogs have wonderful meanings. Get inspired by these dog names from the Emerald Isle!

Do you want your dog to be blessed with the luck of the Irish?

Whether you have Irish heritage yourself, or you are fortunate to have one of the many wonderful Irish dog breeds, or whether you simply like the idea of giving your dog a famous and meaningful Irish name, you are not alone.

Check out these tips to help you find a name for your dog

Irish female and male dog names have origins in Irish folklore, history, and culture, and many famous Irish names have a beautiful meaning.

We wish you good luck in your pursuit of the perfect name for your pooch. Read on to find out more about Irish boy dog names and Irish girl dog names.

Irish dog names: The most popular ones


This is a fantastic name for a ‘little and fiery’ Wicklow Terrier (aka Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier).


For a ‘beautiful and radiant’ dog like an Irish Red and White Setter, Aoife fits the bill.


A legendary name meaning ‘little wolf’ or ‘gentle giant,’ this is perfect for an Irish Wolfhound, the dog of Irish folklore.

Finn (also Finnegan)

Meaning ‘white’ or ‘fair,’ this would suit a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier nicely.


This name means ‘ruddy’ and ‘valour,’ and would be a great tag for a feisty Irish Terrier.


A Kerry Beagle could be a match for this name, which means ‘noble and illustrious.’


The name of ‘protector’ could be served well by the country’s oldest breed, the Irish Collie.


A gentle ‘cloud’ would be an elegant name for an Irish Water Spaniel.


This is a beautiful name, which means ‘of the bright sea.’ It would be great for a beach-loving breed such as the Irish Red Setter.


Like the famous river that runs through many Irish cities and counties, the name Shannon means ‘old and wise.’ A grand name for a stately Irish Kerry Blue Terrier.

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