The most popular female and male dog names in 2021


Just got a new furry friend and wondering what to name them? Don’t worry, Wamiz has come up with plenty of dog name ideas with inspiration ranging from pop culture to the top 100 names! Whether you have a male dog or female dog, you’ll find the perfect name here!

Top 50 dog names in 2021


1. Angel

1. Aaron

2. Apple

2. Archie

3. Becca

3. Barkley

4. Bella

4. Buster

5. Chanel

5. Cesar

6. Cleo

6. Charlie

7. Daisy

7. Dax

8. Dream

8. Dexter

9. Elsa

9. Eden

10. Fifi

10. Finley

11. Foxy

11. Flash

12. Gispy

12. Grizzly

13. Gracy

13. Gus

14. Holly

14. Harley

15. Hope

15. Hero

16. Iffy

16. Idefix

17. Indy

17. Iron

18. Joy

18. Jax

19. June

19. Jimmy

20. Kiki

20. Kairo

21. Kim

21. Kyle

22. Lea

22. Lenny

23. Lola

23. Liam

24. Mandy

24. Malcom

25. Millie

25. Marley

26. Nala

26. Nemo

27. Nani

27. Nigel

28. Olivia

28. Olaf

29. Ozzie

29. Oz

30. Peach

30. Paul

31. Pearl

31. Prince

32. Qleo

32. Qake

33. Queen

33. Quest

34. Rita

34. Randy

35. Rose

35. Rio

36. Scarlet

36. Snoop

37. Stormi

37. Snow

38. Tracy

38. Taco

39. Trixie

39. Teddy

40. Uma

40. Ukko

41. Ussy

41. Ulysse

42. Vanilla

42. Valentino

43. Vanity

43. Victor

44. Winnie

44. Walko

45. Winter

45. Woody

46. Xena

46. Xarco

47. Xia

47. Xinn

48. Yellow

48. Yooda

49. Zara

49. Zeus

50. Zoe

50. Ziggy

How to choose a name for your dog?

Choosing your dog or puppy’s name is so important – once you’ve picked it, you can’t change it. So, you must make sure you pick the perfect one!

Once your dog has learned its name, you can use it to capture his/her attention, which makes communication between dog and owner a lot easier! That’s not to say your dog will be any more willing to leave the dog park when you call him, but it’s a start.

The most popular dog name in the UK is currently ‘Bella’. But picking a name can’t only be based on your personal preference – your dog needs to like it too!

Think about the sound

The first thing to consider when choosing your dog’s name is the length of it. Did you know that dogs only hear two syllables? It’s therefore better to avoid names that are too long, because dogs will have difficulty hearing them and understanding them. Try to follow a "deaf" consonant, a more "sonorous" vowel, or you can repeat the same sound: Lulù, Kiki …

Think of a clear name

Another element to consider is that your dog’s name shouldn’t resemble any commands you will be teaching him, otherwise he might get confused. For instance, ‘Kit’ sounds a lot like ‘sit’, or ‘Ray’ sounds a lot like ‘stay’. Make sure your dog’s name is clear and easily recognisable.

Think of your dog's personality

Other considerations include your dog’s size, sex, and personality. For example, short impact names are better for dogs who are independent or dominant in nature, as they will pick up on them more easily.

Dog name ideas

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect name, why not consult our theme-specific dog name articles above? Discover the list of most popular dog names for 2020, find a unique dog name in a different language, or find the perfect name to suit the dog breed you own within a list of pop culture related ideas! Here are a few more for you dog lovers out there:

Dog names by language:

Whatever the name you choose, make sure it’s a name you and your family actually like. Though you undoubtedly have more freedom than when naming a human baby, ensure that it’s a name you won’t mind calling out loud at the dog park! A dog is a member of the family and will be your everyday companion for many happy years. You don’t want to be calling out a name you don’t like for that long!

Happy choosing!