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Dog names starting with the letter U

Wamiz has gathered a list of the best dog names. We used inspiration from Disney, Japanese manga characters and celebrities, we came up with creative, original and also more popular names. You will find the best dog name for your new furry friend.

Dogs names that start with the letter U

Female Male

1. Ua

1. Ubbi

2. Uby

2. Ubu

3. Uki

3. Ucco

4. Ulla

4. Uchi

5. Uma

5. Udo

6. Umbrel

6. Uffo

7. Umea

7. Ugh

8. Umka

8. Ugo

9. Una

9. Ukele

10. Unicorn

10. Ukko

11. Universe

11. Uko

12. Ura

12. Uku

13. Uriah

13. Ulaska

14. Urla

14. Ulf

15. Urma

15. Ulo

16. Ursa

16. Ulok

17. Urse

17. Ulrich

18. Ursula

18. Ultra

19. Ushi

19. Ultron

20. Uskya

20. Ulysse

21. Ussy

21. Umani

22. Ute

22. Union

23. Utopia

23. Unique

24. Utty

24. Uno

25. Uxa

25. Upton

26. Uxanne

26. Uri

27. Uzi

27. Url

28. Uzza

28. Utah

29. Uzzi

29. Utoo

30. Uzzola

30. Utopia

How to choose a name for your dog?

Choosing your dog or puppy’s name is so important – once you’ve picked it, you can’t change it. So, you must make sure you pick the perfect one!

Once your dog has learned its name, you can use it to capture his/her attention, which makes communication between dog and owner a lot easier! That’s not to say your dog will be any more willing to leave the dog park when you call him, but it’s a start.

The most popular dog name in the UK is currently ‘Bella’. But picking a name can’t only be based on your personal preference – your dog needs to like it too!


Choosing a good name for your dog is important

Think about the sound

The first thing to consider when choosing your dog’s name is the length of it. Did you know that dogs only hear two syllables? It’s therefore better to avoid names that are too long, because dogs will have difficulty hearing them and understanding them. Try to follow a "deaf" consonant, a more "sonorous" vowel, or you can repeat the same sound: Lulù, Kiki …


Think of a clear name

Another element to consider is that your dog’s name shouldn’t resemble any commands you will be teaching him, otherwise he might get confused. For instance, ‘Kit’ sounds a lot like ‘sit’, or ‘Ray’ sounds a lot like ‘stay’. Make sure your dog’s name is clear and easily recognisable.


Think of your dog's personality

Other considerations include your dog’s size, sex, and personality. For example, short impact names are better for dogs who are independent or dominant in nature, as they will pick up on them more easily.

Whatever the name you choose, make sure it’s a name you actually like. A dog is a member of the family and will be your everyday companion for many happy years. You don’t want to be calling out a name you don’t like for that long!

Happy choosing!