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Tom and Jerry characters: Meet the dogs from the show

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First aired in 1940, Tom and Jerry is a beloved children’s cartoon. The focus may be on a cat and mouse, but there's also a dog in the show!

In the timeless world of "Tom and Jerry," one character that has left an indelible mark is the loyal canine companion. Here’s everything you need to know about the dog from Tom and Jerry.

What is the name of the dog from Tom and Jerry?

Known simply as "Spike," this dog brings a unique dynamic to the famous cat-and-mouse rivalry.

What kind of dog is Spike?

Spike is portrayed as a muscular, tough, and no-nonsense English Bulldog. Spike is sometimes shown as a bit foolish, being easily bamboozled by Tom the cat, especially. As such, he has little affection for Tom.

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Does Spike have a son?

Indeed, Spike is a doting father to a cute and small Bulldog pup named Tyke. Tyke inherits his father's appearance but is much smaller and more innocent in nature. Spike's interactions with Tyke reveal his nurturing side as he strives to guide his son through the challenges of their animated world.

Who is the puppy in Tom and Jerry?

The puppy in "Tom and Jerry" is none other than Tyke, Spike's adorable son. Tyke's appearances often revolve around innocent and heartwarming scenarios, offering a contrast to the more frenetic escapades of the main characters. He adds a touch of family-oriented sentiment to the show.

Who is the sleepy dog in Tom and Jerry?

The sleepy dog in "Tom and Jerry" is none other than Droopy. Droopy the Basset Hound is part of the iconic Looney Tunes group of characters. He “guest stars” in a few Tom and Jerry episodes. Droopy's slow and lethargic demeanor masks a sharp wit, adding another layer of humor to the show.

Who is your favourite character from the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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