Scottish Terrier

Other names : Scottie, Aberdeen Terrier

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Life expectancy

The Scottish Terrier has a life expectancy of between 12 and 14 years




Adult size

Female Between 10 and 11 in
Male Between 10 and 11 in

Adult weight

Female Between 18 and 22 lb
Male Between 18 and 22 lb
Coat colour
Black Sand
Type of coat
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Scottish Terrier costs between £710 and £990

Good to know

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Scottish Terrier: Origins and history

Despite some confusion around the Scottish Terrier breed, as many terriers in Scotland are known as Scottish or Scotch Terriers, this breed was first documented during the late 1800s. A group of Highlanders used the terriers to hunt vermin in the forests and mountains of Scotland. JB Morrison drafted the first breed standard while John Naylor has the claim to fame of introducing the Scottish Terrier to the United States around 1883. The word terrier is taken from the Latin word “Terra”, meaning earth.

After World War II, the breeds’ popularity soared. Several of the American Presidents have owned Scottish terriers and today, the breed is a popular show and pet dog.

FCI classification of the Scottish Terrier

  • Group 3 - Terriers

  • Section 2 : Small sized Terriers

Training a Scottish Terrier

As a smart dog who is keen to learn, training must be consistent and begin early in the dog’s life. However, they very easily pick up bad habits too. A terrier is never happier than when he has something to keep him busy, but likewise, is happy to chill out at home relaxing. Successful training routines must not be too repetitive and be very interesting to keep the dog focused on the task in hand. Avoid heavy handed training and harsh reprimands and always provide positive reinforcement for the best results.

Scottish Terrier: Purchase price

If you are researching for a Scottish terrier, expect the cost to be anywhere from £710 for a non-registered pup to over £990 for a pedigree, KC registered dog. Add on the costs of vaccinations, insurance and weekly food bills and you are looking at between £50 to £80 each month in additional costs.

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Scottish Terrier


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