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Dachshund cross breeds are generally friendly and extremely affectionate

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Top 10 beautiful Dachshund mixes: Pictures, Characteristics, Care

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The Dachshund, also known as sausage dog, is extremely affectionate and fun, and their crossbreeds share the same traits!

As with any cross breed, a Dachshund cross will inherit a little bit from both parents. And it’s hard to know how much Dachshund will be inherited versus how much of the other parent breed. So basically, if you’re looking at getting a Dachshund cross, be prepared for anything. That being said, knowing a little more about the Dachshund will be helpful. Here’s what you need to know about the breed:

All about the Dachshund

The Doxie or Dachshund has been around for a very long time. With their pointed muzzle, short legs and long bodies, they used to be known as “badger dogs”. This was due to their ability to dig into the earth in the search of badgers, rabbits and foxes. The breed became very popular in Germany and later in America too. In fact, during World War I, they were known as “Liberty Hounds”.

The Dachshund dog

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Dachshund appearance

The UK Kennel Club recognises six varieties of Dachshunds:

  • Standard Smooth haired 
  • Miniature Smooth haired 
  • Standard Long haired
  • Miniature Long haired
  • Standard Wire haired
  • Miniature Wire haired

The Dachshund is also called “sausage dog” because of its short legs and long body. Dachshunds are quite robust and muscular. They carry their heads held high and look very proud.

Height: Standard: 20-22 cm, Miniature: 13-18 cm

Weight: Standard: 16-32 lbs, Miniature: 11 lbs

Lifespan: Standard: 12-14 years, Miniature: 12-16 years

Dachshund Personality

These loyal pets generally have outgoing personalities. Although they become quite attached to family members, they’re not really sociable around strangers and other canines. However, if they're properly socialised from an early age, they can be more tolerant. As they are relatively independent creatures, they don’t usually worry too much if left alone. Although very small, and not really used as a guard dog, they are very brave, and will alert you with a warning bark.

Exercising a Dachshund

Just because Dachshunds have short legs, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love to play and take walks outside. In fact, they can be active little dogs and will thrive with owners who take them out on regular off-lead walks.

Training a Dachshund

Training should start early! Dachshunds are stubborn and head-strong, so while they're intelligent dogs, they're more interested in doing what they want than doing what you tell them to do. You'll get the best results with positive reinforcement training methods. Dachshunds can be quite destructive when bored, so make sure your dog gets the mental stimulation and exercise they need.

Dachshund Health

Many Dachshunds suffer from Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). Their long backs can make their vertebrae weak, so take care when picking them up, and avoid stairs if you can. This problem can be inherited by any Dachshund crosses too, so any potential owners are advised to research the Dachshund parent's health. Other common health conditions affecting these dogs include itchy skin, heart problems, bladder stones, and epilepsy.

Top 10 Dachshund cross breeds

We can all agree that Dachshunds are just too cute, and they have a unique personality. They love to play, are very affectionate and sometimes, they can be a handful too! They are not the best choice for first time owners. But what about Dachshund mixes? Could they be better suited to first time owners? Well, let's find out.

The Dorkie: Dachshund cross Yorkshire Terrier

Dorkies are loyal, affectionate, and love to get all the attention. This cross would be a perfect match for a senior owner. The Dorkie is small, so is easy to handle, and has a fun, entertaining personality. They will still require a minimum of 40 minutes off-lead exercise, especially when they're in their younger years.

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The Jackshund: Dachshund cross Jack Russell Terrier

Also known as a Jackshund, this cross breed is a good watchdog, hunting dog, and companion. Dach Russells are smart and easy to train, so don't hesitate to teach them lots of tricks. They make very affectionate and loving pets, but being a terrier mix, they can be very stubborn too.

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The Golden Dox: Dachshund cross Golden Retriever

This affectionate and friendly cross breed has gorgeous eyes and a fluffy coat. Goldenshunds are quite energetic and need plenty of exercise.

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The Chiweenie: Dachshund cross Chihuahua

If you love Dachshunds but are looking for an even smaller pet, the Chiweenie could be the one for you. Very affectionate, these tiny pups are nothing short of adorable. Depending on the parents' looks, the offspring can have either short or long hair, with varying head shapes too.

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The Dorgi: Dachshund cross Corgi

Dorgis were made famous by Queen Elizabeth II as she owned a few throughout her life, as a result of a mating between one of her Corgis and one of her sister’s Dachshunds. Dorgis are energetic and head-strong dogs. They need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, and will be happiest when at their owner’s side.

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The Doxle: Dachshund cross Beagle

The Doxle is a medium-sized dog that loves to be outdoors, running and exploring. They make good family pets, as they love to play and interact with children.

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The Basschshund or Dachshound: Dachshund cross Basset Hound

Dachshounds have two modes: 100mph, running around the outdoors, nose to the ground, and 0mph, napping on the sofa next to their favourite human. You’ll have to learn to love both when you’re a Dachshound owner!

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The Docker: Dachshund cross Cocker Spaniel

Dockers are active dogs that need at least 1 hour of off-lead exercise every day. They are super lovable and affectionate, and have a particular fondness for children. 

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The Doxiepoo: Dachshund cross Poodle

Don’t let their small size fool you, Doxiepoos are very active little dogs. They’re also very intelligent, so you can try plenty of trick-training with them! If they inherit their Poodle parent’s ever-growing coat, you won’t have to deal with any shedding, but you will have to take them to the groomers regularly. 

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The Daimeraner: Dachshund cross Weimaraner

This rare mixed breed requires a minimum of 90 minutes off-lead exercise a day. They are affectionate and become very attached to their owners. Make sure you teach them how to stay on their own from a young age to avoid separation anxiety later on.

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Dachshund crossbreed adoption

Many irresponsible breeders will try to sell you popular cross breeds for a very high price. For this reason, you should never buy a puppy online. Always visit the breeder first, meet their dogs, and see how the puppies are raised. If the welfare conditions seem to be good, the breeder is ready to answer all your questions, and has proper documentation on all their dogs, then you can probably trust them.

However, remember a lot of cross breeds can be found in shelters. You don’t need to pay a breeder to find a Dachshie cross. In fact, there are even rescues specialised in the Dachshund breed, who work on finding new homes for Dachshunds and Dachshund crosses. If you can, approach one of these rescues before seeing a breeder. 

When you are planning on a new canine addition to your family, do your investigations first. Research the possible health issues and also the general, daily care requirements. Adopting a dog should be a well thought-through decision made by the entire family.

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