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Everything you need to know about the Dachshund cross

dachshund dog advice
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There are more than thirty Dachshund crossbreed varieties worldwide. Dachshund dogs have cheery yet courageous personalities, so the resulting temperaments are very pleasing.

By Dawn Parrish

Origins and history of the Dachshund Breed

The Doxie or popular Dachshund breed is over 600 years old. With his pointed muzzle, short legs and long body length, he used to be known as a “badger dog”. This was due to his ability to dig into the earth in the search of badgers, rabbits and foxes. The breed became very popular in Germany and later in America too. In fact, during World War I, they were known as “Liberty Hounds”.

Physical Characteristics

The UK Kennel Club recognises two varieties of Dachshunds. The Miniature and the Standard. Both types have three probable coat deviations; either wire-haired, long-haired or smooth-haired. A short-legged dog, quite robust and muscular. Certainly having an elongated look. These small dogs carry their heads held high and look very proud.


These loyal pets, generally have outgoing personalities. Although they become quite attached to family members, they’re not really very sociable around strangers and other canines. However, if they undergo socialisation training from an early age, they can be trained to be tolerant. As they are relatively independent creatures, they don’t usually worry too much if left alone. Even though very small, Dachshunds are brave pets and although not really used as a guard dog, they will alert you with a warning bark.

As mentioned, there are plentiful Dachshund cross breeds. Here are some of the most popular canine pairings:

When a Dachshund is crossed with a:

Yorkshire Terrier = a Dorkie

This first-generation cross breed captures the traits and characteristics of two totally individual breeds of dog. Initially bred as designer dogs, you cannot be certain of the physical attributes of your pup until they have been born. It’s certainly true that the Dorkie will have short legs and a long body, the joint appearance of both parents, the Yorkie and the Dachshund.

Dach Russell
A Jackshund takes its character from both parents © Shutterstock

Jack Russell = a Dach Russell

Also known as a Jackshund, this isn’t a purebred cross dog. With various talents, including tricks, guarding, watchdog and hunting, the Dach Russell mixed breed will live between 12 and 16 years old. These pups make very affectionate and loving pets, but be aware of their stubbornness too.

Golden Retriever = Goldenshund

Not a standard Dachshund cross, but as the Golden Retriever is one of the most well-liked pet breeds, it’s not so amazing. This affectionate and friendly crossbreed has such gorgeous eyes and a fluffy coat that you can’t resist. These Goldenshund pets are quite energetic and need plenty of exercising.

Chihuahua = Chiweenie

If you love Dachshunds but are looking for a pet with more swagger and confidence, the Chiweenie could be the one. Very affectionate, easy-going and adorable, the tiny pups are so cute. Depending on the parent’s looks, the offspring can have either short or long hair, with varying head shapes too.

Weimaraner = Daimeraner

How cute are these Dachshund cross breeds with their mournful looks? These Daimeraner pups take characteristics and personalities from both parents.

Common health issues

The majority of Dachshunds live to an old age, but a high percentage of this breed suffer from intervertebral disc related problems. The vertebrae of their long backs appear to be quite weak. This problem can be inherited by any Dachshund cross breeds too, so any potential owners are advised to research the parent’s health. Other health conditions affecting these dogs include itchy skin, heart problems, urinary conditions and sometimes epilepsy.

Training your Dachshund cross breed dog

Of course, because the Dachshund breed has short legs, this doesn’t mean that they don’t love to play and take walks outside. Training needs for individual crossbreeds will, of course, depend on the parents’ agility levels. The parent Dachshund is prone to back injuries, so for this reason, it’s important to take care when lifting them.

Certainly, just like most other puppy breeds, Dachshunds can be quite destructive. Boredom and inactivity might result in a chewing episode, so provide a young puppy with plenty of toys to divert his attention.

Cross breed mix
Dachshund Terrier mix breed dog © Shutterstock

If you are considering a Dachshund mix breed pet

When you are planning on a new canine addition to your family, do your investigations first. Research the physical qualities, the possible health issue and also the general, daily care requirements. Even better if you can meet both parent dogs before you make your choice. Finding a new pup to add to your family should be undertaken with a great amount of care and attention to detail. The same rules apply when looking for a Dachshund crossed with any other breed of dog.

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