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A French Bulldog mix is usually healthier than the purebred parent

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Everything you need to know about the French Bulldog cross

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The French Bulldog cross can be a good choice for people who love the Frenchie’s character but don’t necessarily want a brachycephalic breed.

Origins and history of the French Bulldog

You wouldn’t think it, but the French Bulldog breed originated in England! During the 19th century, the sports of bull and bear baiting were banned. As a result, these dogs began to be introduced as companion pets. Smaller dogs were bred and it’s from these that the French Bulldog, that we know today, was derived. During more recent years, their popularity has greatly increased.

Physical Characteristics of the French Bulldog

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The iconic appearance of this breed makes him a popular dog. With soulful facial features and bat-like, oversized ears, he’s certainly a character. Sporting narrow hips and a broad chest, he is quite short but of a very stocky stature. The classic Bulldog smile with the top lip hanging over his bottom lip and a wrinkled face make him an endearing pet. Coat colours generally fit into either fawn, brindle or pied categories. Rarer colours do appear, however, with either blue or black and tan shades.

Height: French Bulldogs generally don’t grow any taller than 12 inches
Weight: An adult dog will weigh around 25 pounds
Lifespan: 10-14 years

French Bulldog personality and training

French Bulldogs have a lot of character. In fact, they are often described as clown like. You will need to be consistent with training, but don’t expect perfect results - Frenchies like to be the boss! These dogs like to play, so you’ll have to find fun ways to keep them busy if you don’t want them bouncing off the walls in your home!

Grooming a French Bulldog

Grooming is a breeze for this dog. Plus, they don’t shed much, so they’re great for people who don’t like a lot of hair in the house. Their facial wrinkles will need some attention though, because they can trap moisture and cause infections if not properly looked after.

French Bulldog exercise requirements

Despite their laid-back looks, these little guys are actually pretty energetic. You should provide your Frenchie with a half hour to an hour walk a day, and keep them stimulated at home with plenty of toys and fun games

French Bulldog health issues

As with all flat-faced breeds, French Bulldogs suffer from serious respiratory conditions. These can cause Frenchies to struggle breathing, particularly when exercising and/or in hot weather.

Frenchies are also susceptible to joint, digestion, nervous system and heart problems. Other common issues include deformities of the back. Do your research before making any decisions about your new canine addition to the family.

Top 4 cutest French Bulldog mixes

If you are looking to get a mixed breed dog, ensure that you fully research the parent breeds’ characteristics and health issues before making your final selection. Some of the most popular French Bulldog cross breeds are:

French Boodle: French Bulldog x Poodle 

This small to medium sized designer dog is a perfect pet where children are concerned. Also known as Froodles, they are very energetic. You’ll need to be able to commit to at least a half hour walk a day and plenty of play time to keep them mentally stimulated. Froodles can be clownish and will become handfuls if you bypass training, so don’t! French Boodles are a good choice for those who want a healthier version of the Frenchie - the Poodle in them tends to extend their lifespan!

Check out the Poodle 

French Pomerdog: French Bulldog x Pomeranian

This crossbreed dog is a bundle of cuteness! Charming and friendly,  they are also known to be very loyal to their owners. Both parent breeds have a lot of character though, so you’ll need to start training early and be consistent with it! If you don’t take training seriously, your French Pomerdog could easily end up running the house. This is an energetic pooch, which once again, despite its size, will need plenty of exercise and games to keep it stimulated and happy!

Check out the Pomeranian 

French Bulloxer: French Bulldog x Boxer

French Bulloxers are perfect family pets! However, due to their boisterous natures, they are best for families with older children. French Bulloxers are full of energy and love to play! You’ll need to commit to at least 1 hour’s walk a day, and lots of game time too. Careful though: Boxers are a brachycephalic breed just like Frenchies are, so you won’t be winning health wise with this mix. Take special precautions on hot days, and be careful not to over-exert your pooch!

Check out the Boxer

Frengle: French Bulldog x Beagle

These very social, affectionate pups make great companions for households with children. Frengles can bond so closely to their owners, that it’s recommended to work on separation from a very young age. Frengles can also be stubborn and “suffer” from selective hearing, so be patient when it comes to training. These dogs need a lot of exercise to be happy; at least a 1 hour walk a day should suffice. With both parent breeds being susceptible to obesity, it’s important not to feed your Frengle too many treats!

Check out the Beagle

Of course, there are other fantastic dogs that can result from crossbreeding with the French Bulldog, including the following:

Check out these other mixed breeds:

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