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Everything you need to know about the French bulldog cross

Two black french bulldog advice
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The French Bulldog cross is a successful mix when mated with various other breeds. Crossbreeding produces some unusual traits that you don’t find in a hybrid dog.

By Dawn Parrish

Origins and history of the French Bulldog parent

You wouldn’t think it, but the French Bulldog breed originated in England! During the 19th century, the sports of bull and bear baiting were banned. As a result, these dogs began to be introduced as companion pets. Smaller dogs were bred and it’s from these that the French Bulldog, that we know today, was derived. During more recent years, their popularity has greatly increased.

Physical Characteristics of the French Bulldog

The iconic appearance of this breed makes him a popular dog. With a soulful expression and bat-like, over-size ears, he’s certainly a character. Sporting narrow hips and a broad chest, he is quite short but of a very stocky stature. The classic Bulldog smile with the top lip hanging over his bottom lip and a wrinkled face make him an endearing pet. Coat colours generally fit into either fawn, brindle or pied categories. Rarer colours do appear, however, with either blue or black and tan shades.

Height: French Bulldogs generally don’t grow any taller than 12 inches
Weight: An adult dog will weigh around 25 pounds
Lifespan: Average lifespan is up to 9 years

Popular breeds of French Bulldog mixes

Many celebrities lead the trend for these designer French Bulldog cross breed pets. If you are searching for a new dog, ensure that you fully research the potential parents, the breed characteristics and health issues before making your final selection. Some of the most popular crossbreeds are here:

#1. French Boodle – French Bulldog and Poodle cross

This small to medium size dog is a perfect pet where children are concerned. The two parent pure breed dogs produce a designer dog offspring that can exhibit traits from both sides of the family.

Life expectancy: 10 – 12 years   
Height: from 12- 16 inches tall   
Weight: 15 – 55 pounds

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#2. French Pomerdog – French Bulldog cross with a Pomeranian

This crossbreed dog is a bundle of cuteness! Charming, friendly and of course very loyal to his owners.

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Life expectancy: 10 – 13 years  
Height: from 10- 12 inches tall       
20 – 22 pounds

Pomeranian dog
Pomeranian dogs are crossbred with French Bulldogs© Pixabay

#3. French Bullboxer – French Bulldog mix with a Boxer Breed

When two pure breed dogs are mated, the offspring is classed as a hybrid. Because this dog takes its physical characteristics from both parents, the result is a powerful dog with a full chest. The front legs are quite strong, with back legs that appear slightly thinner.

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Life expectancy: 9 – 13 years         
Height: from 20- 27 inches tall       
Weight: 50 – 80 pounds

#4. Frengle – Cross a French Bulldog and a Beagle

These very social, affectionate pups take some characteristics from both parent dogs. Above all, they are well suited to households with children or to those looking for a companion pet.

Life expectancy:  12 – 15 years          
from 8 - 15 inches tall       
18 – 30 pounds

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Of course, there are also other fantastic dogs that can result from crossbreeding with the French Bulldog. Perhaps you like the look of a Frug (mix with a Pug), a Bullweiller (with a Rotweiller parent) or even a French Bullhuahua (crossed with a tiny Chihuahua).

Crossbreed pup
French Bulldog crossbreed puppy© Pixabay

Common health issues for French Bulldog cross breeds

In recent years, the demand for these popular designer dogs is leading to an increase in precarious overbreeding. Certainly, there has been a marked increase in both birth defects and terrible deformities. We all know that the French Bulldog with its cute, wrinkly facial features is a favourite choice. However, when intensive breeding begins to result in serious respiratory conditions, it may be time to bring a halt. Even short periods of exercise can cause problems with these crossbred dogs being able to breathe.

When looking for a new pet and you have set your heart on a French Bulldog crossbreed, please consider these facts. Any puppies with a unique flat face can suffer from narrow nostrils. Consequently, they may struggle to breathe and have windpipes that haven’t developed normally.

Likewise, any pups on the plump side are more susceptible to joint issues, digestion and heart conditions. Similarly, any dogs that have a long or abnormal back might suffer from problems with the nervous system or even deformities of the back. Do your research before making any decisions about your new canine addition to the family.

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