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What toys for small dogs? 

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What are the best toys for small dogs?

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Play is an essential part of any dog's life. It's also one of the best ways to bond with your pet, especially during their formative puppy years. However, picking out the right toys is serious business. That's why we've found some of the best toys for small dogs!

The best toys will keep your pooch entertained, help their physical and mental development, and can even assist in managing specific behavioural issues, like excessive chewing or destructive behaviour. Plus, buying a few chewy toys will be a lot cheaper than replacing the sofa every few years!

What are the best toys to get for small dogs? 

As long as it's safe, pretty much anything can become a toy for a dog. For example, if your dog loves tug of war games, a tea towel or even an old sock can double up as a tug toy. However, these home-made toys probably won't last for very long, so investing in specially designed (and far more durable) dog toys is always worth the money!

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The West Paw Bumi tug toy is specially designed for tough little dogs who love a good game of tug! This rubber toy is durable, safe, and super stretchy - perfect for outdoor fun in the garden or the local park.

Puppy owners should go for the Tuffy Ring, a squeaky tug toy that can withstand hours and hours of energetic puppy play. The soft fabric means it won't damage your puppy's teeth or gums, no matter how hard they tug or bite!

What are the best dog toys for active small dogs?

Certain small breeds are renowned for being high energy dogs who need plenty of stimulation. Working breeds like Jack Russells or Scottish Terriers need much more than a daily walk, especially during their first few years! Without a healthy outlet for all that energy and excitement, these little guys can develop some big problems. A bored dog will soon become an unhappy dog, and then it won't be very long until they start displaying worrying behaviours. 

Nina Ottosson dog hide n' slide is a great toy for active little dogs who need to exercise their minds just as much as their legs! The hide n slide is made up of circular sliders and compartments. Hide a few a treats inside, then watch your pooch slide around the movable parts until he or she finds the tasty reward! It's made from non-toxic composite materials and is guaranteed to keep the most demanding dogs entertained for hours. You'll also have a lot of fun too!

What are the best toys for low-energy small dogs?

Some little dogs prefer to spend most of their time snuggled up on your lap, but even these laid back pooches need some extra stimulation now and again.

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The Good Boy Bobble Ball is a simple chewy toy that little dogs can chew on without leaving your lap or their favourite sleeping spot on the sofa. And if your little guy struggles with separation anxiety (or just needs an extra cuddle when you're not around), then the Smart Pet Love snuggle puppy is the perfect stand-in for when you're not at home! This plush toy even has a realistic 'heartbeat' and heat source, which helps little dogs overcome feelings of loneliness or anxiety!

What is the best small dog toy for a heavy chewer? 

NWK Freezeable Pet Teether Cooling Chew Toy is tailor-made for even the most aggressive chewers! It's 100% safe and can help reduce stress, anxiety, and destructive behaviours. The cooling centre will also help regulate your dog's temperature during summer heatwaves! Plus, it's been specially created to keep their teeth and gums healthy!

Daily play is a healthy outlet for a dog's natural instincts, which will help maintain their physical and mental health. The ideal toy will depend on your dog's personality, so don't be afraid to experiment until you find the right one! And remember to have lots of fun - this is one of the best parts of owning a dog!

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