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The Siberian Husky mix is great for active owners

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Everything you need to know about the Husky cross

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We all know how beautiful Siberian Huskies are! They've got striking eyes and plush coats, paired with a friendly and loving temperament. But what happens if you want a Husky without the size, or a Husky who doesn't need quite so much intense exercise? Consider a Siberian Husky mix, of course!

The great thing about Husky crossbreeds is that there’s a pooch to suit everybody - whilst still retaining some of that classic Husky beauty and friendly, intelligent personality.

What are Huskies like?

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Let’s not waste any time - first, let’s dive deeper into the Husky’s personality. After all, they are 50% of every Husky cross!

Physical attributes of the Husky

The Husky is a fairly muscular and athletic medium-large sized dog, growing to around 50-60cm and weighing between 20-40kg. They’re well known for their dazzling blue and brown eyes - often one of each colour!

Huskies have a thick, dense and plush double coat which keeps them toasty in even the coldest of conditions but can become difficult in the summer months. Their coats are often a mix of black, grey and white, though colours do vary.

Husky temperament

Husky dogs are extremely intelligent, friendly, loving and affectionate. They can sometimes be stubborn, which makes training even more important.

Huskies are natural pack dogs, which means they value company and are prone to separation anxiety if they spend too much time alone. Huskies and Husky crossbreeds will need an owner or family who can spend the majority of the day with them.

A Husky is always energetic - they were bred to drag sledges, after all! They also have a strong prey drive, which can pose a problem with cats and smaller animals.

Husky care

Perhaps the most important thing to consider before adopting a Husky or Husky cross is their need for exercise. Yes, all dogs need daily exercise - but the Husky needs a lot of it!

Bred as strong, enduring and powerful working dogs, Huskies are high energy and need a few hours of exercise every single day. It doesn’t matter what it is - walking, running, swimming, or fetch - as long as they get it! Without it, they’ll become unhappy and frustrated, leading to behavioural issues.

Huskies are heavy shedders, so be prepared for your house to turn into a snowglobe! If you're not a fan of dog hair getting absolutely everywhere, this may not be the breed for you!

Husky health

Health issues can be passed down to the next generation, so it's important to be aware of them! Huskies are generally a healthy breed though, and typically live longer than many breeds of their size. However, they are particularly prone to hip and eye problems.

Popular Husky crossbreeds

So, now we know how much exercise a Husky needs and that they’re prone to separation anxiety. Though these issues could affect any Husky cross, they may be minimised slightly in a mixed breed, which might make them a better match for you.

Let’s check out some popular (and super cute) Husky cross dogs!

Corgi cross Husky = Horgi/Corgsky/Siborgi

Love Huskies but live in an apartment? The Corgi cross Husky might be the pooch for you (providing they still get adequate exercise). They quite literally look like miniature Huskies with the tiny legs of a Corgi - yep, cuteness overload.

Corgis and Huskies are both intelligent breeds - and together, they’re extremely smart, if not slightly assertive and stubborn. The Corgi almost matches the Husky's need for activity, too - so you’ll still need to walk them a couple times a day. Without it, Horgis are prone to obesity.

Golden Retriever x Husky = Goberian

We all know how friendly and affectionate Golden Retriever dogs are! This Husky cross is undeniably beautiful, combining the lush long coat of the Golden Retriever with the bold, wolf-like eyes and features of the Siberian Husky.

Loyal and playful, Goberians are great for families with children. With training, they can even learn to monitor and take care of them. However, they do share the Huskies need for constant company and exercise. They need a garden to roam around in, regular walks and lots of affection.

Pomeranian x Husky = Pomsky

Imagine a tiny Husky in your head… well, the closest you’ll get to it is the Pomsky! This Husky cross is fluffy, cuddly and supremely cute - but that doesn’t mean they’re low maintenance.

Pomskies still need a good amount of exercise and regular, if not daily, brushing - as they are heavy shedders. Despite their small size, they’re very smart and need lots of playtime to keep them mentally stimulated - especially if they’re kept in an apartment.

Husky x Beagle = Beaski

Everyone loves a Beagle, right? This Husky cross is a popular one, with the sweet, floppy ears of a Beagle combined with the Husky’s classic markings creating an adorable looking pooch.

The Beaski is friendly, gentle and very attached to their family. Both parent breeds are active, so a good amount of daily exercise is essential - though it can be slightly less intensive than for a pure Husky. This Husky mix can sometimes be a little stubborn, owing to their Beagle genes - but with adequate training and socialisation, this can easily be tackled.

Husky x Labrador = Labsky

This mix is not suited to sedentary lifestyles, they need a ton of physical activity! In fact, you're looking at a minimum of 2 hours of active, off-leash walks every day. Another thing to consider about this mix is that they are heavy shedders, so you'll need a powerful vacuum at the ready!

However, the great thing about this mix is that they are more trainable and obedient than the purebred Husky. This makes them a good choice for people who love the Husky's look and activity level, but aren't sure whether they could handle their independent personality! 

Other popular Husky crossbreeds to consider:

We hope this article has helped you discover the perfect Husky cross pooch for you! Whether you're looking for a sweet, tiny pup such as the Pomsky or a loving and loyal friend such as the Goberian, we're certain there's a Husky cross to suit you.

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