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Everything you need to know about the Border Collie cross

Black and white border collie advice
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The Border Collie, in addition to being very intelligent, is also an intensely loyal breed. By combining the Border Collie crossed with other captivating canine breeds, the mixed breed pups are delightful. Their energetic disposition and gorgeous coat colours certainly mean they’re a popular dog.

By Dawn Parrish

Origins and history of the Border Collie

Originally known as the Scottish Sheepdog, originating around the Border region between Northumberland and Scotland. With ancestors among Viking dogs that would be used to gather up reindeer herds. This Border Collie dog is a workaholic, now used for controlling and herding sheep. Having great stamina and boundless energy levels, this breed is also very intelligent and easy to train. The dog, when working, will crouch down and appear to hypnotise the cattle with his penetrating stare.

Popular crossbreeds

#1 Border Jack – breeding parents, the Border Collie and the Jack Russell, produce this fox-like puppy. The adult dog reaches a medium size, standing at a height of between 16 to 22 inches, and weighing in at 22 to 32 pounds. A Border Jack will usually have a body shape typical of a Jack Russell and a narrow chest and body. With a rough, short coat, a smallish head and ears that flop forward. Popular breed colours are merle, brown and white, brown, brindle, white, black and white and black.

#2 Border Collie Pit – this resilient dog is the result of a Border Collie cross with a Pitbull. As the two dogs aren’t too dissimilar in size, the crossbreeds will not be too different. Adult dogs measure between 17 to 23 inches high and anywhere between 30 and 65 pounds in weight. Their appearance is slightly stockier than a collie and having a broader face.

#3 Borderdoodle – these fluffy pups are produced by breeding a Poodle and a Border Collie. The Borderdoodle offspring, as with any crossbred dogs, takes the physical traits from either parent. As a rule, though, you can expect your adult dog to reach between 30 to 60 pounds and from 15 to 22 inches high. This dog’s coat is likely to be either wavy or curly and of a medium length. Shedding is dependent on the parent dog’s genes.

Labrador cross Border Collie
Border Collie cross Labrador© Shutterstock

#4 Borador – this good looking dog has parents of Border Collie crossed with a Labrador. This hybrid mix produces a dog that will shed its coat fairly frequently. With an expected lifespan of up to 15 years and in general, certainly a healthy dog. The Labrador parent should be checked for any joint issues that are fairly common in this breed. A Borador dog, like it’s parents, will require extensive, daily exercise to maintain its fitness levels.

#5 Border Point - a splendid mixture of Pointer and a Border Collie mix. Coat colour options can be fawn, liver, white or black. The coat will feel quite soft and be of either a short or medium length. If the predominant genes favour the Pointer, the offspring may be slightly taller than an average Collie.

#6 Bodacion – who would guess this unlikely union between a Border Collie and a Dalmatian? Depending which parent the pups take after, the normal build of a Bodacion is medium sized at around 18 to 20 inches in length. Having large, floppy ears and a small head with various colourings from silver, brown, white and of course with the famous Dalmatian spots.

There are, of course, other marvellous amalgamations of crossbreeds when a Border Collie is used as one parent. Consequently, we have a Bordernese (crossed with a Bernese Mountain dog; a Border Beagle (another parent is a Beagle); the Border Newfie (a Newfoundland cross); a Border Schnollie ( when bred with a Schnauzer) or even a Dobie (when one parent is a Doberman).

Personality of a Border Collie cross dog

Obviously, the physical and personality outcome when you breed a Border Collie cross with another dog will depend on the looks and character of each parent. When choosing a dog of mixed breed, it’s vitally important to understand the features and qualities of each of the parent dogs. As a result of this research, you will have a much better appreciation of their traits and behaviours.

Mixed breed Border Collie
Border Collie cross breed dog© madelyn.hamlet, unsplash

Common health issues of the Border Collie crossbreed

Every dog breed, no matter if they are cross breeds or not, can be afflicted with different health issues and illnesses. In the main, however, they are generally healthy dogs that go on to live for many years.

Training a Border Collie cross dog

First of all, due to the high intelligence levels of the Border Collie parent, training will begin at an early age. Your smart cross breed dog will probably be just as keen and will have a strong desire to give pleasure to his owner. If your dog has more of the Border Collie genes, high energy exercise will be needed. These dogs are trained to chase after flocks, running fast and wide in the Scottish mountains. A Border Collie that doesn’t get sufficient exercise to meet his demands, will almost certainly become anxious and agitated. Vigorous daily exercise is recommended for most Border Collie cross breed dogs.

Border Collie cross puppies come in several different characters, sizes and colours. Certainly, in many cases, if you spot any amount of black and white colouring, there is a high chance that there is some Collie breed in there too.  By choosing a crossbreed pup, you are more than likely going to get features from both parents. Each drop of Border Collie DNA in your pup has the capacity to produce an energetic pup, one who is very intelligent too. On the other hand, you won’t know if the offspring will be naughty, or daft, or a character mix of both breeds.

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