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Jack Russell cross Chihuahua: everything you need to know

Jack Russell cross Chihuahua advice
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If you are considering getting a new pup, then the Jackuahua or Jack Chi could be the right choice. This mixed breed dog, a Jack Russell cross Chihuahua may be known as a designer dog but has many fantastic qualities

By Dawn Parrish

Main information about a Jack Russell cross Chihuahua

Filled with boundless energy, requiring mental stimulation and plenty of exercises, this Jack Chi breed is also a bundle of fun. A very friendly dog, that will certainly enjoy lots of snuggles with its new owner. First of all, this designer dog is a new hybrid breed and is a cross between a Jack Russell terrier and a Chihuahua. Originating in the US around 40 years ago, this breed doesn’t have many historical data recorded. Despite its many incredible qualities and very cute appearance, there are several facts you need to digest before you make your selection. Read on for further details relating to their temperament, health concerns and physical characteristics.

Name of the crossbreed

The Jack Chi is a cross between a purebred Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier. Also known as a Jackuahua.

Chihuahua cross Jack Russell© Pete.Bellis, Unsplash

Physical characteristics of Jack Russell cross Chihuahua

The physical appearance of the Jack Chi dog is having a Jack Russell’s triangular head, and a long muscular body, a short neck and the rounded eyes of the Chihuahua. Ears can be floppy and folded similar to a Jack Russell, or erect and pointed like the Chihuahua parent. With a long snout, certainly slightly thinner than that of a Jack Russell. Having muscular and strong hindquarters, with short legs and a long curled tail that resembles the Chihuahua. Colouring takes after the Jack Russell side of the mix with white, brown and black being the predominant colours.

Height Size: 14 - 15 inches
Weight: 8 – 18 lbs
Life Expectancy: 13-18 years

Jack Russell cross Chihuahua Personality

Sweet-tempered and very lively, the Jack Chi puppies need an abundance of daily exercise. The Jack Russell terrier character shows through as always wanting to be the leader. This results in them being rather headstrong and more difficult to train. These dogs are known to be chewers, so ensure that your pup has a good supply of chewable toys, if you don’t want to end up with damaged furniture or shoes. They are very sociable dogs that get on well with children and other pets. Friendly and calm, and loves lots of attention and cuddles. Just like the Chihuahua temperament, they can be quite nervous and at other times rather hyperactive.

The Lifestyle of the Jack Russell cross Chihuahua

These active little dogs appreciate lots of exercises. Often following their noses and chasing after birds or balls. They have inbuilt preying instincts and certainly love running around for hours off the lead. The Jack Chi isn’t very tolerant of cold weather, preferring to snuggle up inside with a blanket.

A sociable breed – the Jack Chi

Like its parents, the Chihuahua and the Jack Russell terrier, the puppy is a very sweet tempered dog. They mix well with other pets, and bond well with children and family members. Known to only bark occasionally, if you’re looking for a quiet dog, this is certainly the breed for you.

Grooming the Jack Russell cross Chihuahua

This short-haired dog doesn’t require intense maintenance and grooming. A weekly brush should suffice and due to this, hair shedding will be at a minimum.  Only bath them when absolutely necessary, to maintain the natural oils in the fur. Wipe the dog’s ears once weekly to keep them clean, and brush teeth daily.

Jack Russell cross Chihuahua
JackChi dog© Pete.Bellis, Unsplash

Nutrition of Chihuahua cross Jack Russell

Sometimes fussy, picky eaters but in the main, happy to eat whatever you feed them. Take care not to overfeed them, as they seem like guzzlers and don’t know when to stop eating.

The Health of a Jack Chi

Quite a hardy breed of dog although they are prone to similar health problems like their parents. Above all, there is a possibility of sensitive skin, especially reactions to insect bites and fleas. Some Jack Russell cross Chihuahua dogs present as having several allergies, especially to fresh cut grass and soy. Jack Russell canines are noted for several eye diseases, like glaucoma, and also ear infections and deafness.  Deafness in some cases can be inherited from the parent dog. The Jack Russell cross Chihuahua is one of the best breeds to own. Not only are they fiercely loyal and friendly, but they love to play for hours at a time. Don’t be put off by its size, it will make a fantastic companion and family member.

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