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Everything you need to know about the Golden Retriever cross

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We all know how friendly, loyal and smart Golden Retrievers are - so it’s no surprise that they’re one of the most popular dog crossbreeds! Everyone wants a slice of the breed’s lovely, warm temperament. Here’s everything you need to know about the Golden Retriever cross.

With their luscious golden coat, strong stature and trustworthy personality, golden retrievers make the most wonderful pet. But have you ever considered adopting a Golden Retriever mix breed? Just imagine a sassy Chihuahua or a fun-loving Collie crossed with the devoted, sweet Golden Retriever - there’s certainly some quirky possibilities!

And the great thing about crossbreeds is that it enables you to find the perfect match. Love Golden Retrievers but need a smaller dog? Fine. Can’t decide between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle? No problem - have both in one!

The Golden Retriever

When you cross dog breeds, you can’t be sure of the exact ratio of personality and physical traits the pup will inherit from either side. However, you can be pretty sure that a Golden Retriever cross will have a fair degree of loyalty and warmth about them - which is why golden retriever mix breeds are so highly sought after.

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The physical characteristics of the Golden Retriever

Height: 51 - 56 cm (female), 56 - 61 cm (male)
Weight: 25 - 29 kg (female), 29 - 34 kg (male)
Life expectancy: 10-12 years

The golden retriever is a medium-sized dog with a stunning, golden coat (hence the name!). They have short ears, a broad head, friendly, loving eyes and a straight muzzle.

The Golden Retriever's personality

There’s a reason why this breed is regularly used as a guide dog for the blind and deaf. They are great at obedience and competitive events and are often the first choice for a family.

They’re loyal, trustworthy, obedient and eager-to-please whilst also being fun and playful. Sounds like the perfect pup, right?!

They do, however, need a lot of play time and exercise to keep their smart minds and strong, athletic bodies fulfilled.

Golden Retriever cross common health issues

Shockingly, around 50% of Golden Retrievers develop cancer in their lifetime, making it the leading cause of death in the breed. The likelihood may decrease with a golden retriever crossbreed, but it’s still something to consider and keep an eye out for nonetheless.

These dogs are also commonly affected by hip and elbow dysplasia and ligament tears, which can all cause severe pain and may require surgery. On top of this, the breed is prone to hereditary eye diseases such as cataracts, which can cause blindness in severe cases.

The health risks will depend entirely on the mix and where your puppy inherits from. Don’t let these stats and risks put you off adopting a Golden Retriever cross. All dogs are prone to different diseases - as long as you’re a great pet parent and watch out for symptoms, your pooch will live a happy life.

Popular Golden Retriever crossbreeds

Now we have learned a little bit more about the Golden Retriever, let's find out more about the different crossbreeds there is with a Golden Retriever as a parent.

The Golden Chi - Golden Retriever cross Chihuahua

You can’t really get two breeds which are more opposite! Mix the fiery yet fun Chihuahua with the sweet, calm Golden Retriever and you really do get a quirky outcome.

Physically, they look like a large, long-haired Chihuahua with a soft, sweet face. And when it comes to personality, you can basically expect a sassier Golden Retriever or a more easygoing Chihuahua. They’re generally loyal, affectionate and devoted with a bit of feistiness thrown in.

Golden Chi’s tend to have problems with barking if they’re not trained or socialised at an early age.

Find out more about the Chihuahua 

The Golden Cocker Retriever - Golden Retriever cross Cocker Spaniel


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There’s nothing cuter than a Cocker Spaniel’s long, droopy ears! They’re cuddly, active, playful and make incredible companions. Mix these two breeds together and you’re left with a gentle, loving yet playful golden retriever cross.

A very adaptable breed, they’ll fare well with a large family or a single person - they must have enough time on their hands for daily walks and lots of play time.

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The Gollie - Golden Retriever cross Collie


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Loving, loyal, active and smart? That’s the Gollie for you. These large dogs are loved for their bright and sociable nature - this Golden Retriever cross will want to be with you as often as possible!

Gollies are very energetic and need a garden with space to roam - they’re not suited to apartments. They’re also heavy shedders who need regular grooming, but they’re more than worth it for their cheerful and affectionate temperament. We think Gollie’s are a great match for active owners who love good, long walks

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The Goldendoodle - Golden Retriever cross Poodle

“Goldendoodles have a kind nature and keen ability to detect when their owners are in need of assistance, which has given them the advantage to be excellent therapy dogs, as well as beloved pets,” says Stacey Brusseau in The Goldendoodle.

“Goldendoodles are very kind and family-orientated dogs; they have superior intelligence and can bond with anyone. They are non-shedding, mostly hypoallergenic, gentle, compassionate and also an exceedingly intelligent dog.”

The Golden Dox - Golden Retriever cross Dachshund


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The Golden Dox has got to be one of the cutest Golden Retriever mix breeds - they’re just adorable! You can expect a long, muscular body from its Golden Retriever side and short legs from the Dachshund - though this, as always, will vary.

Dachshunds have a stubborn, independent streak in them - a contrast from the golden retriever's calm temperament. Still, Golden Dox’s are normally happy, willing and get along well with most people they meet.

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Other Golden Retriever cross breeds to consider:

  • The Golden Mountain Dog - Bernese Mountain Dog cross Golden Retriever
  • The Goldador - Labrador cross Golden Retriever
  • The Goldmation - Dalmation cross Golden Retriever
  • The Golden boxer - Boxer cross Golden Retriever

Hopefully, you're now ready to adopt a lovely, warm and affectionate Golden Retriever cross breed - you won't regret it!

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