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Best loved cat names: These are the most popular cat names for 2020

Grey tabby cat with a heart shaped collar advice

Most popular cat names for 2020

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All cats deserve a name that fits, but how do you find the perfect name? Looks like cat owners enjoy naming their cats after their favourite characters. What do 2020’s most popular cat names tell us?

By Lorraine Kipling

Updated on the 18/08/2020, 11:19

What are the most popular cat names for 2020, and why do cat owners love them?

Cats have a lot of personality, so it’s important that their name suits them. If you are looking for inspiration for your new cat’s name, you should try to find something that expresses your personality as well as your cats. Your cat should have a name that makes you proud to introduce him to all your cat-loving friends!

Cats sometimes find a way to tell you their name. The chatty Mr Meowigton or the white-footed Socks are nominal gifts to their owners. But some pet owners need a little inspiration to find the name that works best. Well, help is at hand! We’ve got a list of the UK’s most popular male and female cat names for you.

What do the most popular cat names mean, and where do they come from? We have gathered the top 20 most popular names from last year, and suggestions for favourite names in 2020.

Are you looking for name ideas for your male cat or female cat? Read on to find out what’s trending!

10 Most popular cat names for a female cat


This is a pretty name taken from the red flower of remembrance. A great name for a ginger Abyssinian.


Molly is an Irish name for the Virgin Mary, which means ‘star of the sea.’ It’s a perfect name for a European Shorthair.


From the latin for ‘moon,’ this name is an ideal match for a white gem like the Khao Manee.


A ‘beautiful’ name for a Korat, shared with the character from Twilight.


A very cute name from the delicate little white flower. This could work for a Japanese Bobtail.


Fans of Stranger Things are naming their cats after star Millie Bobby Brown. A Peterbald would fit this name.


A sweet flower name for a rose-gold Persian.


Short for Matilda, which means ‘mighty.’ This suits a cat with the stature of a Norwegian Forest Cat.


Whether you like the tree, or the character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow is a great name for a Somali.


A lovely white flower, and Harry Potter’s mum, this is a sweet name for a Turkish Angora.

10 Most popular cat names for a male cat


This name means ‘divine spear.’ It could also refer to the poet Oscar Wilde, or the Hollywood award. This is a good name for a statuesque Toyger.


Meaning ‘free man,’ this is a name for an independent soul, such as a strong-willed Singapura.


This royal baby name is short for Alfred, which means ‘wise counsellor.’ Perfect for a sage Maine Coon.


Another name from Twilight, this originate from the Persian for ‘bringer of treasure.’ A lovely name for a Persian cat.


From the Japanese film The Adventures of Milo and Otis, this suits a tabby Domestic cat.


A ‘lion’ of a name for a British Longhair.


Another royal name, this time meaning ‘tiller of the soil’ or ‘farmer,’ would be cute for a British Shorthair.


The name for the Arthurian sorcerer and mentor would suit a Burmese.


This is a name with royal and magic connections. Could Harry Potter be inspiration for naming a Munchkin?


Short for Montague, this means ‘hill of the ruler.’ It also reminds us of the Monty Python comedy troupe. A fun name for a playful Russian Blue.

The most popular cat names in 2020


A name made famous by Dickens’s Oliver Twist, and popular ever since. This is great for a Snowshoe.


The Twilight name means ‘beautiful.’ It would work for Tiffany, to be sure.


The Lion King made this name, from the Swahili for ‘lion,’ popular for long-haired cats such as the Selkirk Rex.


This name is perennially popular. It means ‘blooming,’ or ‘fertility,’ and would be lovely for a Turkish Van.


Meaning ‘moon,’ and also the name of the well-loved character from Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, this would suit a Sphynx.


Short for Maxwell or Maximillian, this would work for a ‘big’ cat, such as a Norwegian Forest Cat.


It means ‘light,’ and works for any blonde or white cat, such as a Chinchilla Persian.


Although the lily flower is actually toxic to cats, the name of Harry Potter’s mum works fine for a Burmilla.


Another name from The Lion King, this  could work for an American Curl.


This name means ‘wisdom,’ and is also a character in the popular film Joker. It’s a nice name for a Balinese cat.


From the Japanese film The Adventures of Milo and Otis, this name would be a cute fit for an American Wirehair.

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