Maine Coon

Other name: American Longhair

Photo: adult cat of Maine Coon breed
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Life expectancy

The Maine Coon has a life expectancy of between 11 and 13 years


Adult size

Female Between 8 and 14 in
Male Between 10 and 16 in

Adult weight

Female Between 9 and 13 lb
Male Between 11 and 18 lb
Coat colour
Black White Red Blue
Type of coat
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Maine Coon costs between £300 and £500

Good to know

More details about the Maine Coon

Maine Coon: Origins and history

Even today, the true origin of this breed in many respects remains unknown. According to some, its history begins in New England, when the first European ships docked on the shores of the New Continent. Cats escaped from the boats and took refuge in nearby forests. Over the years, their descendants adapted to the rigours of North America: making them bigger, more powerful, densening their fur, etc. These cats then crossbred with cats of different breeds from overseas. Then, in the nineteenth century, specimens from this crossbreeding were presented in competition and were a sensation.
Other stories suggest different origin stories for Maine Coons. Nevertheless, the breed was a great success at its first cat shows in 1860-1861. A few years later, Persians and Siamese appeared in America and stole the show completely. It was not until the 1950s that Maine Coons came back into fashion. Since then, the breed has been spreading ... to the delight of their fans!

Maine Coon: Purchase price

A Maine Coon kitten costs between £300 and £500. However this price can vary depending on their lineage, breeding, age and sex. They cost around £35/month to provide for, which will guarantee them medical care and a good quality diet to keep them in good health.

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