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5 of the most affectionate cat breeds

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Here we look at just five of the world’s sweetest cat breeds; cats that love to cuddle and nuzzle; cats that are, in every sense of the word, the perfect pet of someone who enjoys closeness and affection. Read on to discover five breeds of cat you cannot be without.

Cats have a reputation for being a little standoffish but, on the whole, most of our feline friends are affectionate and loving. Given the right human interaction, any cat (not just those that are known to be placid such as the Russian blue and Bombay) can be moulded into perfect “lap cats”.

Just because cats tend to be aloof and independent should not mean that they are ignored. Any cat can be tamed, even feral cats, but to do so requires patience and determination. Let’s look at what makes a cuddly cat cuddly and which, if any, are the cuddliest.

What is the most sociable breed of cat?

When we talk of a cat being sociable we mean it in terms of a relationship with us. Most cats that wander the neighbourhood abide by a strict code of feline conduct; one that is based on prowess and power, and to each other cats are generally standoffish. That is what gives us the impression that they are standoffish towards us too.

But is that necessarily true?

While it is true that cats are not as needy and as dependent on our company as dogs, they still need to know that we are their family. In terms of their being sociable, cats will never win prizes, but their need to feel part of our family is strong.

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To start our look at the friendliest and most affectionate cat breeds we have included five breeds that are universally considered to be the most sociable. In other words, cats that are happy to interact more readily with people and that are less likely to enjoy solitude:

What is the sweetest cat? Meet the lap cats

If you enjoy the thought of having a cat lying on your lap for hours purring gently, then look no further than this next selection. A lap cat belongs to a breed that is less independent than others, and for which human contact is more important than feline contact. Here are some cats that will enjoy hours of gentle together time and will not balk at the idea of being in your arms:

  • Devon Rex
  • Siamese
  • Persian
  • British shorthair
  • Ragdoll
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What is the mellowest cat?

The problem is cats do not thrive on our hugs in the same way dogs do. If we force a hug on a cat it will usually start squirming and making overtures to escape. If you are someone who enjoys cuddling cats or dogs you should consider a cat that is less apt to flee, and that means finding a cat that is placid.

Cats are often seen darting around, chasing birds, climbing trees and squeezing through the oddest of places. Such behaviour is part of their natural make up. They are built to pounce, jump and leap. However, where there are cats that are agenda-driven and busy there are also cats that are docile and quiet; the breeds to which the sleepers, snugglers and nuzzlers belong.

According to the Cat Fanciers Association, the following breeds are among the most docile:

  • British Shorthair
  • Bombay
  • Manx
  • Ragdoll
  • Scottish Fold

Are Persians really the friendliest of cats?

The Persian cat is often thought of as the world’s friendliest. It is true that the Persian and the Himalayan are tranquil and laidback, but they are not always so. The Persian does not react well to sudden changes of agenda or the arrival of new faces in the home. It becomes agitated when its routine is disrupted.

Top 5 friendliest and most affectionate cat breeds

If you seek a cat that has a well-balanced temperament, that is affectionate, playful and friendly and that will at times prefer your lap to a pavement, read on. Here are our top 5 friendliest and most affectionate cat breeds:

5. Scottish Fold

Cute, cuddly and friendly, the Scottish Fold thrives on human attention. It is far more comfortable surrounded by its loving owners than it ever will be on the street. It is quiet, easy going and as sociable as a cat can be.

Learn more about the Scottish Fold.

4. Ragdoll

Robust and well-built, the Ragdoll enjoys cuddles very much. It has mesmerizing blue eyes, and an attractive colour-pointed coat. Cats of this breed are known as dog-like due to their tendency to shadow their owner.

Learn more about the Ragdoll.

3. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex may have an independent side but it as much thrives on human contact. If you are home it will be home, demanding of cuddles and attention. The Devon Rex enjoys companionship and is happy to be in your arms for hours at a time.

Learn more about the Devon Rex.

2. Sphynx

A cat with an appearance not to everyone’s taste, the Sphynx is nevertheless a cat with eagerness to please. It relies on cuddles for warmth since it is hairless; it also enjoys the company of other cats and dogs.

Learn more about the Sphynx.

1. Siamese

A cat originating in Asia, the Siamese is one of the most popular breeds of cat in the UK. The cat is renowned for its sociability and love of human contact. Its ancestry as a companion cat continues to this day.


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Learn more about the Siamese.

The kindest and most affectionate breed of cat

Cats come in many shapes and sizes and with various temperaments. On the whole cats are solitary creatures but their love of humans cannot be denied. Our treatment of cats tempers their character, and shapes their trust and affection.

True, some cats are more energetic and enthusiastic than others, but all of them need to know that they are not alone, and that love and warmth welcomes them at the end of the day. Treat your cat well and she will repay you in kind, irrespective of whether she is zany or docile.

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