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Which breeds have the cuddliest cats?

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5 of the most cuddliest cats

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Discover the cuddliest cat breeds that stand the test of time as ideal family pets. These affectionate feline companions make long-lasting bonds with their owners, providing warmth and comfort for years.

It can often be hard to read a cat's body language, so they often get a bad rap for being standoffish and aloof. But the truth is most feline companions are affectionate and loving. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just breeds like the Russian Blue or Bombay that can become perfect lap cats with the right human interaction. Whether it’s a Siamese, Burmese, or even a previously feral or stray cat, any feline can learn to love affection and be moulded into a loving pet. Patience and determination play key roles in taming these seemingly independent creatures.

Let’s look at what makes certain breeds more inclined to want to cuddle, offering their owners and families years of love and attention.

What is the most sociable breed of cat?

Sociability in the feline world is typically measured by the depth of the relationship between a cat and their humans. As they wander the neighbourhood, most cats adhere to a strict feline code based on prowess and power, making them seem standoffish to each other and even with us humans. However, this perception can often be misleading. While cats may not be as needy and dependent on our company as dogs, they still need to know that we are their family.

In terms of being sociable, cats will never win the top prizes, but their need to feel part of our family is strong. Meanwhile, certain breeds, such as the Siamese, Burmese, Bombay and Maine Coon are known to be some of the cuddliest cats. Alongside their expressive eyes and distinctive coats, their loving nature makes them popular feline companions for owners looking for a long-lasting bond.

To begin our look at the cuddliest cats, below are five cat breeds universally considered the most sociable. Each breed doesn’t just tolerate interaction but actively seeks affection with people, especially their owner. These friendly, sociable and cuddly felines like nothing more than companionship. Whether you're a first-time pet owner or have shared your life with various pets, these cuddly breeds enrich the pet-owner bond with warm affection, making them great companions for years to come.

What is the sweetest cat? 

Meet the lap cats. If you like the idea of having a cat lying on your lap for hours purring gently, then look no further than our selection of friendly lap cats. A lap cat belongs to a breed that prioritises human contact over their feline independence. These affectionate cats thrive on enjoying a cuddle and won't shy away from being cradled in your arms.

  • Devon Rex
  • Siamese
  • Persian
  • British shorthair
  • Ragdoll

What is the mellowest cat?

Unlike the average dog, some cats may not revel in hugs, often squirming to escape our clutches. If you enjoy cuddling your pets, you should consider a fairly placid cat who will more likely tolerate or even enjoy your affection. Cats, known for their playful antics, climbing, and agility, vary in temperament. Some are agenda-driven and lively, while others are more docile and have a quieter demeanour. If you want a calm cat that enjoys attention, according to the Cat Fanciers Association, these feline breeds are among the most docile:

Are Persians the friendliest and cuddliest cats?

While often considered the world's friendliest felines, Persian and Himalayan cats, known for their tranquil and laid-back nature, may not always exhibit such traits. A Persian, in particular, can struggle with sudden changes in their life, especially routine or the arrival of new people at home, causing them to become agitated.

Top 5 friendliest and cuddliest cat breeds

If you want to share your life with a cat that has a well-balanced temperament and is affectionate, playful and friendly, from the Scottish Fold to the Sphynx, here’s our list of the top five friendliest and most affectionate cat breeds:

5. Scottish Fold

Known for its distinctive folded ears and soft coats, the cute, cuddly and friendly Scottish Fold thrives on human attention. It is far more comfortable surrounded by its loving owners than it ever will be on the street. The Scottish Fold is as quiet, easy-going and sociable as any cat can be.

4. Ragdoll

Strong and well-built, the Ragdoll very much enjoys cuddles and affection. Its mesmerizing blue eyes and attractive silky colour-pointed coat add to its appeal. Cats of the Ragdoll breed are known for their calm and gentle disposition and are often compared to dogs due to their tendency to shadow their owner.

3. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex may have an independent side, but it also thrives on human contact. These cats love being around their humans. If you are home, it will be home, demanding cuddles and attention. The Devon Rex enjoys companionship and is happy to be in your arms for hours at a time.

2. Sphynx

While the hairless appearance, large ears and prominent cheekbones of the Sphynx may not be to everyone’s taste, it is nevertheless a loving cat eager to please. Despite its lack of coat, the Sphynx exudes plenty of warmth and loves nothing more than getting affection from its humans. The Sphynx forms strong bonds with owners while also enjoying the company of other cats and dogs in the household.

1. Siamese

A cat originating in Asia, the Siamese is one of the most popular cat breeds in the UK. Renowned for its striking appearance, sleek fur, and large almond-shaped eyes, the Siamese is also known for being vocal, sociable, and loving human contact. Its ancestry as a companion cat continues to this day, which sees it thrive on human interaction, form strong bonds and engage in interactive play.

The cuddliest cats

One of the great things about cats is that they come in many different shapes, sizes and temperaments. While they may be considered solitary animals and not always as predictable and easy to read as a dog, no one can deny their incredible love and affection for humans.

How we treat our cats has a huge impact on moulding their character and influencing their trust. While some are more energetic than others, all cats crave reassurance that they aren’t alone and seek love and warmth in some way. Really get to know your cat, learn to read their body language, and give them the love and care they deserve. They will repay you in kind regardless of whether they have a calm or exuberant nature, they will undoubtedly repay you in kind.

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