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6 beautiful black cat breeds

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Black cat breeds are often associated with myth and magic and bad luck too! However don’t be so quick to judge this gorgeous feline. Some cultures worldwide consider a black cat to be a lucky omen.

How is a black cat breed categorised?

There are currently 22 black cat breeds that are recognised by the Cat Fanciers Association. However, not all breeds categorised as black are purebred kitties. Likewise, they don’t all have pure black coloured coats.

Black cat breed characteristics

First of all, a black cat must be recognised because of his exquisitely coloured coat. Despite the negative, bad luck superstitions that are linked to black cats, there are also positive connotations too. A cute, black cat can have an air of elegance and mystery surrounding it. They are usually very playful and affectionate pets. While they are very demonstrative they also love nothing more than to sleep in their owner’s bed. Probably very shy when first meeting any strangers, but once their trust is gained will be quite happy in their company.

Certainly, most black cat breeds are very tame and calm pets that can live quite happily with other animals in the home. It’s worth noting that when they are in heat, a black cat can be quite vocal and hyperactive. For this reason, it’s wise to sterilise them at an early age to prevent any unwanted breeding.

Black cat breeds are not always pure black colour

Because there is only one breed of cat that is actually all solid black, the Bombay, others have a high ratio of black in their coats. Genetics and breeding play a huge part in defining the colour of the cat’s coat. Although there are actually 22 black cat breeds recognised, here we look at 6 of the most popular ones in more detail:

No 1. The Russian Black

This shorthair, black cat breed is originally from Russia, as the name suggests. A small to medium sized feline, with muscular body shape. Having a flat skull, a wedge-shaped head and a medium nose length. Russian Black cats also have prominent whiskers which appear to puff up when facing any anxieties.

No 2. The Bombay black cat breed

With an appearance of a tiny panther, this short-haired cat breed has an amazing silky, black coat. First bred in 1953 in the USA, when a Burmese cat was bred with an American Shorthair to create the Bombay kitty, with an outgoing personality. Moderately docile yet very sociable and smart, these cats make brilliant pets. This is the only pure black cat breed.

No 3. Ojos Azules otherwise known as Blue Eyes

The breed was first developed in America and has a short, soft and very silky coat. However, not always black as some felines appear in a variety of shades and some with striking white patterns. The large majority of black cat breeds don’t have blue eyes, but as the result of a genetic mutation, the Ojos Azules breed do. Often, however, their eyes can also appear like gold, copper or even green in the centre. The cat has long hind legs and is a quite well-boned, stocky built cat.

No 4. American Shorthair or Longhair Back cat

Known for their kind temperaments and good health, these cute black cats make excellent family pets. Ranging in size from medium to large frame, these moderately docile cats require an average amount of daily attention.


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No 5. Oriental Shorthair

To be found with over 300 different patterns and colourways, this intelligent Oriental Shorthair breed is very intelligent and curious. Never very far from their owner’s side they are very loyal cats. This black cat breed is of a small to medium sized build with short hair that requires very little grooming. Generally, they can sometimes be quite a handful and have very high levels of activity.

No 6. The Persian black cat breed

First understood to be a pet with a symbol of elegance and wealth, the Persian cat is now a very popular cat breed. This long-haired cat has its origins from many centuries ago. Nowadays, the breed has a wide head with a round face. Quite dignified, very docile and sometimes vocal. They are certainly very fussy when it comes to food choice and likewise, don’t really get on with children in the home.

What amazing diversity there is, even in the feline world of black cat breeds. No matter if you choose your cat for its looks or personality, every black cat is sure to bring an amount of good luck into your home. Black cat breeds are just as affectionate and sweet, as they are elegant and sleek.

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