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We feed our cat the usual wet and dry cat food mix but his breath stinks!! 

Should we be giving him any additional food to help with bad breath? 

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Good afternoon Gerald1984,

                                               Thankyou for your question! I'm sorry to hear you have a cat with smelly breath but hopefully we can get to the bottom of this! Which food do you feed your cat? Sometimes diet is the issue and changing one or both of their foods can correct the bad smell. There are a few treatments to try at home if your cat will tolerate them...

1) Brushing your cats teeth with a feline friendly toothpaste/gel

2)Adding a dental additive to their water- Dental water additives can often be a great solution since most of us don’t have the time or the desire to brush our cat’s teeth. All you do is add it to their water bowl. The important thing is to use a water additive that is specifically for animal use and preferably one recommended by your vet.

3)Dental chews or toys for cats!

Ongoing bad breath in a cat can be due to a variety of health problems. In fact, around 75 per cent of cats over the age of three have dental disease! Smelly breath is usually one of the first signs pet owners notice, with my own Ragdoll cat, Lulu i noticed bad breath and she ended up having dental disease! with a few teeth removed the issue was gone.

Observe your cat eating and if tolerated have a look around their mouth.Odour-producing bacteria building up in your cat’s mouth will most likely be the cause of your cat’s bad breath. Saliva and bacteria form plaque that can then mineralise and become tartar if not treated. This can lead to periodontal disease that is an infection of the supporting tissues of the teeth. Excessive brownish tartar, drooling, difficulty eating or favouring one side when chewing, plus inflamed gums are signs that your cat has dental disease that should be addressed by your vet.


Hope some of this helps you! If you find the problem persists then a quick trip to the vets may save you alot of time, money and bad odours!!

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