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Japanese cat names: 15 cat name ideas straight from Japan

Japanese cat for good luck

Japanese name ideas for your cat

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Find inspiration for naming your cat with these wonderful names from Japanese language and culture.

By Lorraine Kipling

Updated on the 27/05/2021, 15:54

Japan has a rich and delightful culture that offers lots of great inspiration for naming a new cat.

Maybe you are a lover of Japanese language, nature, food or pop culture. Or maybe you have a cute Japanese cat breed that you want to find a suitable name for. Look no further - we have found some excellent Japanese cat names for you!

What are some great Japanese cat names for male and female cats? Take a look at our list of 15 cat name ideas straight from Japan to find out!

Japanese cat names: 15 cat name ideas straight from Japan


If your cat feels like a ‘beautiful blessing,’ you might consider this name. This would be a sweet name for a Chinchilla Persian.


This pretty name means ‘flower.’ It would be a lovely name for a Nebelung.


This adorable name is the Japanese word for ‘strawberry,’ and would suit a cute little Manx.


The Japanese word for ‘black,’ would be perfect for an black cat such as a Bombay.


From the Japanese symbol of good luck, the Maneki Neko (‘beckoning cat’), this is a good name for a white Burmilla.


This name comes from the Japanese word for ‘round’ or ‘plump.’ It would be a nice fit for a round-faced cat such as an Exotic Shorthair.


This name means ‘beautiful,’ and would be a perfect fit for a Himalayen.


This is the Japanese word for ‘peach,’ and would suit a soft honey-coloured fluffball Munchkin.


If you love the anime series Naturo, you might like this name for a Sokoke.


Ren means ‘love,’ and would be a grand name for a loving California Spangled.


This is the Japanese word for ‘white,’ and would be perfect for a Khao Manee.


A name meaning ‘wise’ would be appropriate for a Ceylon.


Naming a cat after a beloved snuggly Studio Ghibli character is a great idea. A soft grey cat such as a Chartreux might fit this name.


Fans of Yoko Ono might be interested to learn that her name means ‘sunlight.’ It’s a bright and cheerful name for a Munchkin.


This means ‘snow,’ and makes sense for a white Japanese Bobtail.

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