Cat name ideas for your white cat or kitten

Cat name ideas for your white cat or kitten

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White cat names: 25 Best names for a white cat

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We have 25 fantastic names for white cats inspired by nature and pop culture. Is your cat’s name on the list?

A white haired cat is a thing of beauty. Whether your cat is pure white, snow white or somewhere in the range of black and white, it’s important to find a perfect cat name that reflects your cat’s personality as well as their white coat.

There are plenty of great name ideas for white haired cats inspired by coat colour, the colour eye, and personality traits, so you can feel confident that one of these names will be a good fit for your white kitty.

We have gathered 25 cat names based on nature and pop culture for white haired male and female cats. Check out which one you like best!

White cat names: 25 Best names for a white cat


A fun-loving Snowshoe cat deserves a winter-sports name inspired by this Colorado ski resort.


From the Italian for ‘white,’ this would be a lush name for a pretty Persian with blue eyes.


Maybe your white Tiffany cat has more of a French air, so the French word for ‘white,’ suits better!


This is a fun (and a bit spooky?) name for a Domestic Shorthair.


The adorable Casper the Friendly Ghost could be a role model for a Japanese Bobtail with white fur. 


This is a cute name for a little white Thaï cat.


The delicious coconut could give your white (with brown fluff, perhaps) Oriental a nice flavour.


This name is a precious moniker for a priceless pure white Persian.


The lovely white female cat from Disney’s The Aristocats would be a good namesake for an American Shorthair.


This name is taken from Frozen, of course. A white Siberian wouldn’t be bothered by the cold, anyway.


This name means ‘fair’ in irish, and might work for a fair-haired Cymric.


The great Tolkien character Gandalf the White would be a wonderful name inspiration for a long haired Norwegian Forest Cat.


From the series A Song of Ice and Fire, this is the name for a powerful and determined, yet strikingly beautiful Turkish Angora.


From the flower, which is a symbol of purity and innocence, this is a sweet name for a delicate Cornish Rex.


This name means ‘moon,’ and also honours the heroic Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series. It would be a great name for a Khao Manee.


Does your white Turkish Van bring all the boy cats to the yard? That’s some party!


This is an elegant name for a white Tonkinese.


This name could either reflect your love or powdered sugar or snow, and would suit a fluffy white cat like a Ragamuffin.


This translates into ‘white’ in Japanese, so would make sense as a name for a white Japanese Bobtail.


Audrey Hepburn’s lovely white cat had this name. She was possibly a Domestic Shorthair.


This delicate name would be lovely for a Sphynx cat, we think.


A playful name for a full-figured cat such as a white Exotic Shorthair.


This soy-derived package of yum would be a great name for a cute white European Shorthair.


This is a delightful name for a white Maine Coon, which means ‘snow’ in Japanese.


The Slavic word for ‘winter,’ feels like a powerful name befitting a great white Siberian cat.

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