Turkish Van

Photo: adult cat of Turkish Van breed
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Life expectancy

The Turkish Van has a life expectancy of between 14 and 19 years


Adult size

Female Between 10 and 12 in
Male Between 10 and 12 in

Adult weight

Female Between 11 and 13 lb
Male Between 11 and 20 lb
Coat colour
Black White Red Cream
Type of coat
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Turkish Van costs between £300 and £460

Good to know

More details about the Turkish Van

Turkish Van: Origins and history

The Turkish Van is a natural breed originating from the highlands of Lake Van in southeastern Turkey. The archaeological discoveries of Hittite jewels dating from 1600-1200 BCE, adorned with representations of cats with ringed tails, testify to the antiquity of their existence. Well known in Turkey, it was not until 1955 that the Van Kedisi was imported to Europe. It was the journalist Laura Lushington and photographer Sonia Halliday who brought back two Turkish Van kittens, which had been offered to them during their trip to Turkey. They worked for the recognition of the breed, which was recognised in 1969 by the “Governing Council of the Cat Fancy”, and later in 1985 by TICA in the United States, thanks to the efforts of Barbara and Jack Reak to promote the breed. Today, the Turkish Agricultural Institute protects the breed together with the Ankara Zoo.

Turkish Van: Purchase price

On average, the price of a Turkish Van Kitten is between £300 and £460, the price often varies according to the lineage, the breeder, the age or even the sex. For the monthly budget, it will cost on average £35 / month to provide for their needs, offer a quality diet and ensure their good health.

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