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Female cat name ideas for your new cat or kitten

White Ragdoll cat advice

Female cat name ideas

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Find the perfect female cat name with this list of 25 classic and trendy names. Which name do you love the most?

By Lorraine Kipling

Updated on the 18/08/2020, 11:17

A female kitten is a wonderful addition to your family, and you want to make sure that she has a name that speaks to her value. What will your cat’s name say about her?

There are so many wonderful possibilities for naming your girl cat, from time-tested classics to names from pop culture and mythology. Whatever your personal interests, and whoever your female cat is, there is a fabulous name out there that will work.

We have put together a list of 25 female cat names that you will love. Will your cat’s name be on the list?

25 female cat names you will love


This is a fairy tale name from The Little Mermaid, and the name of the sprite in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. It might suit a Donskoy.


Taking inspiration from Ava DuVernay, the first woman of colour to win the prestigious award for directing at the Sundance film festival. This would be a trailblazing name for a Savannah.


A sweet name for a blue/grey cat such as a Russian Blue.


A brave cat such as the American Shorthair, who allegedly hunted vermin on the Mayflower, would live up to a name from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


A cute name that could either refer to a black cat’s colour, or a Cinderella-like fortune. This would be a good name for a Korat.


From the legendary ruler of ancient Egypt, Cleo (or Cleopatra) is a name for a stately Sphynx.


A sugary little name for a diminutive Munchkin, we think!


Alice’s cat from Alice in Wonderland, this is a name for a cat that can embrace the absurdity of existence, like a Pixie-bob.


There’s something beautifully wistful about this name, which might suit a Javanese.


A nickname for Grace, this is a name for an elegant and dignified cat such as a Siamese.


This is a delightfully warm name, that would suit a blonde Persian.


In honour of Star Wars’ Princess Leia and the late great Carrie Fisher, this is a nice name for a LaPerm.


A cheeky Cornish Rex might be a candidate for the name of the Norse Trickster god.


Whether inspired by Mia Farrow or Mia Wallace, this is a great name for a gorgeous female Nebelung.


The Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare is a great model for a powerful Norwegian Forest Cat.


The Ragamuffin was basically born for this tasty little name.


The graceful character from The Lion King could share her name with a Sokoke.


This is a name for a compact feline package such as a Manx cat.


Maybe you love the fruit, or the electro punk artist. Either way, your American Wirehair will love this name.


This darling name suggests an iridescent value, which a Burmilla also offers in spades.


Fans of Orange is the New Black might like to name their Snowshoe after this character.


From Sasha Fierce to Sasha Velour, this name speaks of creative flair and empowerment. The Oriental can handle a name like this.


From Xena the Warrior Princess, this name works for a cat with a wild heritage like the Ocicat.

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