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Harry potter cat names ideas for your new cat or kitten

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Cat names inspired by Harry Potter: Great name ideas!

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Looking for inspiration for naming your magical moggie? Find out about some great cat name ideas inspired by Harry Potter!

Are you a muggle with a moggie, or a witch with a cat in your coven? Do you have a patronus in feline form? Or maybe you just like fantastic beasts, and want to know where to find them (tip - just follow the purring noise)?

The Harry Potter series features its fair share of cats and cat-like creatures, which would make purrfectly fitting names for pet cats. There are also many other inspiring characters and ideas from J. K. Rowling’s wizarding world that could capture the enchanting nature of your kitty.

We have gathered 25 bewitching names for male and female cats inspired by Harry Potter to help you get mischief managed. Is your favourite character on our list of Harry Potter cats? 

Cat names inspired by Harry Potter: Great name ideas!


A cat named after the great Albus Dumbledore should have an air of kind wisdom, like a Highland Fold.


Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black) was a very powerful and determined witch. This name would suit a particularly wilful black Selkirk Rex.


Hermione Granger’s pet cat was played by a ginger Himalayan (or possibly Persian) in the films.


A Peterbald, or a Donskoy, would make a particularly good Dobby, named after the loyal and loving house elf.


Argus Filch was the caretaker of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is a good name for a quiet and inquisitive German Rex.


Okay, so Fluffy was actually a gigantic monstrous three-headed dog, and not so cute and fluffy at all. A Peterbald could carry the tradition of unexpected names.


Ginny Weasley would be a good inspiration for a ginger cat that waits in the background and wins hearts over time, like a sweet Pixie-bob.


Our hero from a humble background, just like all Domestic Cats.


Harry’s pet owl could provide a fitting name for a Ragamuffin.


This is a name for an intelligent and inquisitive cat, who brooks no nonsense. An Abyssinian would fit the bill.


Lavender Brown was a witch with a pretty name, deserving of a British Shorthair.


Harry’s mum shares the name of a beautiful flower, which represents devotion, innocence, and (sadly) death. It is a gentle name for a white Burmilla.

Lord Voldemort

For the cat who shall not be named, perhaps? This might suit a Donskoy or a Peterbald.


A Khao Manee would suit being named after the unique and kind-hearted Luna Lovegood.

Millicent Bulstrode

Hermione Granger mistakenly used one of Millicent’s cat’s hairs in a spell, resulting in her partially transforming into the cat. We think she looked a bit like a Nebelung when that happened.

Mrs Norris

Caretaker Filch’s companion cat was a Maine Coon, and a great spy on the students’ hijinks.


Nagini was turned into a snake, and had a special bond with Lord Voldemort. A Singapura might manage a little parseltongue, we think.


The Nimbus brand of racing broom would be good inspiration for a sporty Savannah.


A magical beast that is ‘usually harmless.’ This is a good name for a Korat.


A pseudonym of Sirius Black, this is a good name for a Havana Brown.


Harry’s surname is a cute moniker for a little Munchkin, we think.

Professor McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall first appeared to us in her cat form. If you have a tabby European Shorthair with a spectacle pattern on its face, this is the perfect name. 


A sharp-witted cat with a scrupulous nature, such as a Burmese, could be sorted into this house.


Ron Weasley’s pet rat had a surprise hidden identity. A little Tonkinese might show you his true colours.


The great hero (aka Padfoot, aka Snuffles) sacrificed a lot for his principles, and won all our hearts in the process. A courageous Norwegian Forest Cat might do him proud.


Nymphadora Tonks was a colourful hero with a metamorphmagus quality. Her name would be a nice fit for an Egyptian Mau or a Tonkinese.

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