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Funny name ideas for your cat or kitten

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25 funny cat name ideas: Get ready for the giggles!

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We have more than 25 funny cat name ideas to help you find an unusual and clever cat name for you in 2020.

Is your cat a bit of a comical character, or does a witty pun make your whiskers twitch with delight? 

The world is far too serious sometimes, and although some cats aspire to lofty and serious heights, there are many moggies that just bring out the sunshine with their playful and silly nature. Giving your newly adopted cat a name that reflects the funny side of things can help you focus on the joys of being a cat lover.

Here’s a list of funny and inspired cat names, for your male or female cat. We hope they will make you chuckle!

More than 25 funny cat name ideas for 2020

Cat Middleton

If your cat has the elegant air of a royal, this could work for you. It would suit a Russian Blue.

Catniss Everdeen

Taken from The Hunger Games, this is a name for a rugged hero like a Norwegian Forest Cat.

Catticus Finch

Would your cat be tempted to kill a mockingbird? We hope not. A Turkish Angora could make sure justice is served.

Catty McCatface

If there were a competition for cat naming, this would be a strong contender. It would work for a Snowshoe.

Chairman Meow

For a cat with an air of authority, like a Ceylon.


For furry fans of Star Wars, like a nice Highland Fold.

Clawdius the God

A Devon Rex might handle being named after a Roman emperor, perhaps.

Dame Mewdy Dench

A British institution, this is a name fit for a British Shorthair.

David Meowie

This name has to go to a cat with odd coloured eyes, such as the Khao Manee.

Fidel Catstrow

An Oriental looks like a cat that could live up to this revolutionary name.

Fuzz Aldrin

A fluffy Persian would be a cute holder of this pioneering name.

Genghis Cat

This is a name for a marauding Norwegian Forest Cat.


This is a cute little Munchkin name. Just don’t feed it after midnight!

Kitty Minaj

This is a good name for an Exotic Shorthair, we think.

Kitty Perry

Another musical inspiration, this name would work for a Japanese Bobtail.


Food (especially pasta) is just naturally amusing. Why not give your Pixie-bob a cheesy noodle name?

Meowa Wallace

From Pulp Fiction, this is for a Siamese with great moves and attitude.

Meowly Cyrus

For a cat that came in like a wrecking ball (of wool?). Maybe a good name for an American Shorthair.

Mr Meowgi

This is for a cat that has wisdom and balance, and who knows a thing or two about self-defence. An Ocicat, perhaps?

Mr Meowington

Mr Meowington is a dignified and proper name for a Tiffany.

Mr Pickles

This is for a small cat with a lot of flavour, like a characterful Munchkin.

Mrs Claws

Elegant and festive, this is a name for a Turkish Van.


A lion-like Siberian cat could command such a name.

Neil Catrick Harris

This is a quick-witted name for a LaPerm.

Purrdy Pie

This is a name for a jokester like a Cornish Rex.


The writer of Pericles, Prince of Tyre, and Antony and Cleopatra might inspire a name for a ruffled Ragamuffin.

Sir Poopsalot

Fortunately, he also buries it. This is a noble name for a Turkish Angora.

Whiskers McFee

A rugged name for a no-nonsense Scottish Fold.


There is no try, only do. A Peterbald was born for this role. 

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