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Black cat name ideas

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Cat name ideas for your black cat

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These 20 popular black cat names and their meanings are great inspiration for your new cat in 2020.

Are black cats symbols of bad luck or good luck? Let’s dispel the prejudice against beautiful black cats! Yes, a feline with dark fur may have an air of mystery, but we believe that black cats are a blessing to any household.

If you are looking for inspiration for the perfect name for your black kitten, you will want to capture that magnificent presence. There are many wonderful names to express the character of cats in various shades of black, from classic and pop culture, and different languages around the world.

We have gathered 20 fantastic names for black male and female cats to inspire you. Will your cat’s name be on our list?

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This would work for cats with dark grey or black fur, like an ashy British Shorthair.


This is the name of the black panther in The Jungle Book. It’s a powerful and graceful name for a Bombay.


We think a black Cornish Rex will feel empowered by this marvellous monniker.


Bellatrix LeStrange was a powerful witch in the Harry Potter series. A Maine Coon can handle that power.


This would suit a soft grey-black Persian cat.


A cat named after this dark wood is bold beautiful and strong, like a Japanese Bobtail.


A Bombay would fit the bill for a sexy black cat to be named after Elvira: Mistress of the Night.


This is a cute name for a very dark black British Shorthair.


A Japanese Bobtail is the natural choice for a name which is the Japanese word for ‘black.’


This is a delicious name for a black Oriental.


This is a great name for a very dark black Bombay.


This is Italian for ‘black,’ and also the name of a demanding Roman Emperor. A Bombay has the stature for a name such as this.


This is a super name for a stealthy black cat, like a cheeky American Bobtail.


We assure you, your cat will not be confused by being named after a different creature. Raven would be a great name for a clever British Shorthair.


The black cat companion in Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a great name inspiration for a black Domestic Cat.


This is a perfect name for a very affectionate dark furred cat, like a Persian, that will follow you like a shadow.


Like Ash, this is a name that would suit cats of various shades from grey to black. It would be a sweet name for a Scottish Fold.


Another great name from Harry Potter. This is a name for an unassuming hero like an American Curl.


Just because your cat has the name of an evil Star Wars antagonist, doesn’t mean he won’t be a total snugglepuss with you. A Persian would be a cute option for this name.


This is a fun name for a kooky cat like a Devon Rex, who might be wickedly playful like Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family.

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