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Male cat names: Find some inspiration for your new cat or kitten

Grey tabby fluffy cat advice

Male cat name ideas

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Check out this list of 25 awesome and popular names for male cats from history, classical, and pop culture. Is your cat’s name on the list?

By Lorraine Kipling

Published on the 18/08/2020, 11:16

Any cat person will agree that a feline friend is a crucial part of the family. One might even argue that the cat becomes the boss of the whole household - or at least it sometimes feels that way!

For those considering adding a boy cat to the family unit, finding the perfect name is a challenge worth taking on. A good name can say a lot about a cat and owner, and whether it comes from an ancient legend or more recent culture, it’s worth looking around for inspiration. 

It’s time to find out about some fantastic male cat names, and we have gathered 25 great examples to get you started. Perhaps the perfect name for your new cat will be on the list!

Male cat names: 25 cat name ideas


From Old English, meaning ‘noble friend,’ this is a lovely name for a Bengal.


An Abyssinian would be a beautiful candidate for a name befitting a Greek god.


From the character Atticus Finch in the American classic To Kill a Mockingbird, this name might fit an American Shorthair.


This is a cool name for a little rogue. It would suit a California Spangled, although they’re great softies at heart, of course.


This is a name for any cat with a sock-like patterning, such as a cutie-pie Snowshoe.


From Casper the Friendly Ghost, this is a name for a white cat with a sweet temperament, such as a white Chinchilla Persian.  


This is a spaced-out name for an eccentric cat of the Cornish Rex variety.


The great physicist might lend his name to a wild-haired Highland Fold, for certain.


Inspired by the early 20th century character, this is a name for a black and white Domestic Cat.


Or ‘Catsby,’ perhaps? This is a suave name for a Russian Blue, from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.


You probably shouldn’t feed a Munchkin after midnight, just in case it brings out the Gremlins within.


The master of escapology would probably be proud to inspire the name of that great love of hide-and-seek, the Havana Brown.


From Indiana Jones, this is a name worthy of a great adventuring Norwegian Forest Cat.


Another black and white Domestic Cat, James the cat was a lovable cartoon character from the 1980s.


The is a magical name for a lucky black cat, or a fabulous ginger Pixie-bob inspired by the great Jinx Monsoon!


From the latin for ‘lion,’ this is a grand name for a Selkirk Rex.


A Scottish Fold might just be cheeky enough to pull off the name of the trickster god of Nordic legend.


From latin meaning ‘great’ or ‘large,’ this would fit a Maine Coon nicely.


From The Adventures of Milo and Otis, this name fits a ginger Manx.


A bouncy little rice dumpling from Japan, this is a cute name for a Cymric.


Either the Oscar film awards or the poet and playwright Oscar Wilde might inspire this choice of name for an Egyptian Mau.


This is a good name for a Domestic Cat with a patch of colour somewhere.


This means ‘king,’ and would be a suitable regal name for a Turkish Angora.


From the protagonist of The Lion King, this name means ‘lion’ in Swahili. It could work for a Siberian Cat.


A white Cornish Rex might suit a wintery name like this.

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