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How to name your grey cat

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20 great cat name ideas for your grey cat or kitten

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Looking for a great cat name ideas for your grey kitty? These 20 grey cats are cool and meaningful!

Wherever you’re coming from, and whatever your preference in spelling, there’s no debate over the fact that cat owners love their furry family members, and any cat in the spectrum, from black cats to white cats, with blue, and grey and white cats (or gray and white cats) in between, deserves a fantastic name to reflect that.

If you are looking for a name for your male or female cat or kitten, look no further! We have 20 great male and female names for grey cats that will please cat lovers.

20 great cat name ideas for a grey cat


This is a sweet name for a soft grey British Shorthair tabby cat.


A Russian Blue, of course, would suit this name for a blue-grey cat. This is the type of cat that models for cat food.


This is a delicate name for a grey Korat.


From the beautiful dishware, this is a pretty name for a white-grey Nebelung.


This is a strong metallic grey colour name for a Chartreux.


This is an astronomical name for a cool cat like a Devon Rex.


A lush Persian grey kitty could manage a precious name like this.

Earl Grey

This is a stately name for a Siberian.


You may choose this name for your American Shorthair to honour either Big Edie or Little Edie of Grey Gardens fame.


A magical faerie name for an Egyptian Mau.


An Oriental Shorthair might assume a wise stance with this magical name.

Lady Grey

Another stately name, for a female grey Siamese.


Grey is a good colour for magical wizarding cat names. This would suit a Balinese.


This is a calm and beautiful name for a grey Sphynx.


A grey Scottish Fold could easily be named after this cloud.


This is a sweet name for a pale grey Brazilian Shorthair.


A grey Domestic Shorthair could have this refreshing name.


Meaning ‘star,’ this is a lovely name for a Korat.


From Griselda, which means ‘grey,’ this would be a great name for a Norwegian Forest Cat.


This is a name for a unique cat. David Bowie fans might like to call a grey-patterned Snowshoe after Ziggy Stardust.

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